Desk design Evfyra by Nüvist – modern office furniture

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The futuristic Desk design Evfyra is among the latest projects from the Turkish company Nüvist. It inspires with interesting curved lines and has all the useful properties so that it fits perfectly into a modern, minimalist office. The Evfyra desk would add extravagance to your workspace.

Have you dreamed of such a futuristic desk design??

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The shiny surface of Evfyra makes the piece of furniture a star in the office. It attracts attention with irregular, originally designed contours. In the opinion of the designers, ease of use and functionality are the most important prerequisites for creating the perfect design. You have to Desk design Dynamism and unusual shapes added, which can be seen in all of their designs. The two legs of the desk combine to form a flowing wavy shape and represent the wave movement. Each angle contains different design lines that shape the whole design and add a touch of exclusivity to the room.

New desk design inspired by sculptural shapes

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That Desk design from Nüvist is an eye-catcher. The piece of furniture is ideal for an office or home office. You can choose between five color variants: goldenrod, turquoise, dark purple, moss green and warm cappuccino. You can easily create the perfect color combinations in the office, even if you use the Evfyra desk as an accent. The designers believe that there are no specific rules that one must follow in order to come up with an innovative design. All effective ideas come from the heart.

Futuristic desk design in goldenrod

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The untraditional piece of furniture refreshes the interior

goldenrods evfyra table design modern piece of furniture turkish office

Innovation in creating the modern desk

evfyra goldenrods color nuances table design turkish modern

Extravagance in the color nuances

evfyra trendy furnishing moss green cappucciono colors table design

Exciting desk design with a wavy shape

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The elegant project by the Turkish design studio Nüvist

evfyra trendy interior furniture design office furniture turkish

Dreamlike office furnishings

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