Designer TV armchair inspired by popular cuddly toys

TV armchair red gray purple color modern furniture upholstery

What could that Designer TV armchair from Iskos-Berlin and the plush bunny have in common? You guessed it – yes, this wing chair was inspired by the shape of the popular cuddly toy. Bunny is a modern alternative to the traditional piece of furniture that we know from the grandparents’ house.

Designer TV armchair inspired by the shape of the plush bunny

Piece of furniture Creative designer armchair two colors raspberry gray

Of the Designer TV armchair from Iskos-Berlin is designed as a cuddly toy for adults – its soft padding and comfortable shape invite you to relax. A rope gives the piece of furniture stability. Perfect for those who like to spend their free time at home with a book or just want to enjoy their favorite TV show. In smaller living rooms, two of these armchairs can form a small, cozy seating area, in larger living areas they can be used as an accent. The relaxation armchair goes well with modern, minimalist and purist furnishings and is available in three colors – simple gray, trendy raspberry red and mysterious purple.

The designer TV armchair in gray

Upholstered furniture seating comfort design ideas TV armchair rope tied

The designer armchair in purple

Wing chair plush toys inspired piece of furniture creatively original