Designer sofas from Sancal

Taupe color tea sofa and armchair

Design is a central element and is the focus of Sancal’s work. Right from the start, the designer team begins to design certain products with individual commitment, which is as diverse as the many millions of faces of the people in the world. Designer sofas by Sancal are the focus of this article today. Admire the unique designer pieces and maybe you will find your next sofa online.

Designer sofas from Sancal


Prestigious studios, new studios and students have visions and experiences with the Sancal House team divided, and the flow of thoughts and abundant ideas have the execution of modern Designer sofas brought to fruition. Let’s consider a few examples of sofas. Sancal’s couches have their own names as creations and self-standing objects. Everything revolves around the couch and its companion armchair or armchair in a living room. Due to the design, the furniture can be used in a very specific way in every personal living room or dining room.

Designer sofas as individual creations


the Designer sofas by Sancal are outstanding and extraordinary furniture with their own heart. Take, for example, the Float Sofa with its siblings and find out that this couch is no ordinary sofa. It’s a bit like a cloakroom in the hallway, which wouldn’t be such a bad idea if we wanted to design our entrance area with a great sofa and put on our outerwear and shoes comfortably and practically, wouldn’t it !? The Menu sofa has a retro look in a light turquoise color on which we sit at the dining table in our dining room. Or how about a sofa with a reclining surface on which we can spend our TV hours in the evenings ?! On a Rew sofa you feel like a real king and the Up! Sofa invites you on its thickly upholstered seats and pillows! How wonderful and beautiful!

The city look sofa in the lounge area


Practical two seat sofas


The Rew range of sofas by Sancal


Up! Sofa in brown bookshelves










angular sofa party sancal furniture

Coppla sofa in green wall clock