Designer in the spotlight – The designer furniture and ideas from Monica Armani

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the Designer Monica Armani is unique with her ability to combine her family, work and environment in an amazing way, which is also hers Designer furniture and ideas inspired. Learn more about their world and creative designs.

Designer furniture and ideas by Monica Armani

Designer furniture and ideas monica armani living ideas green living room

1. The design.

Your entry into the world of design coincides with the launch of the Monica Armani brand. The year is 1998. The focus is on Progetto 1, since 2006 in the catalog of B. & B Italia. “It was the table that I’ve always dreamed of, but has not yet been designed.” Created for a private customer, the table marks the beginning of an organization system for the kitchen with shelves, table tops and chairs, and later becomes extends and includes the garden (with tables and benches), the bathroom, also computer desks and coffee tables. The common features are: simplicity, elegance and flexibility.

Italian designer furniture and ideas

progetto1 table design monica armani designer furniture and ideas

2. The team. “The design is in our family and the studio – part of the house. Luka, my husband and I work together. With us are our children Marcelo and Mariana. Work and family life are intertwined. We quarrel and correct one another. When it comes to technology, the law is usually on Luke’s side, but when it comes to details, I win. ”And breaks to regain strength? The time with the children. But also our little escapes to North Africa in search of endless horizons and absolute silence. “

PIanura bathroom in black for Boffi

pianura modern bathroom design black and white monica armani

pianura bathroom design monica armani black back lighting

Boffi pianura bad design Monica Armani design ideas

3. Your idea for a bath. I like the idea of ​​a black bath. That was my philosophy when developing the system Pianura for Boffi. Wood paneling, backlit shelves, hanging sink, a couple of inches from the wall and such a feeling of floating objects. A wall mirror and cupboards complete the interior.

Monica Armani Italian designer furniture and living room ideas

4. Your favorite room. “The living room, thanks to the wonderful view of the courtyard and the green. We live on the ground floor of a small building that we designed a few years ago. When I want to relax, I sit on the famous Egg Chair by Arne Jacobsen. I also turn on Davide Groppi’s Goodmorningchina table lamp – a thin stand and a giant balloon made of pink paper. Magical effect. “

Tred bookcase

tred bookcase moroso italy monica armani white

tred white bookshelf fabric cover partition wall

5. At the beginning there was the room. Monica Armani’s house has no doors, only partitions. In this regard, she designed her first bookcase for Moroso – “Tred Shelf”. Simple open shelves, vertical elements covered with fabric. Three different lengths of shelves. The connection offers many possibilities for combinations. And one more detail, no need for mounting next to the wall.

interior designer monica armani wood paneling white blue furniture

6. The good teachers. My father is undoubtedly in the first place. An architect who has had many projects and always with a great deal of finesse. We worked together for ten years. I owe it my attention to detail and the belief that it is never so small to be overlooked. Also the belief that time makes ideas clearer. Among the greatest names in design – the eternal American couple Charles and Ray Eames. A piece of furniture that is iconic for you, the Eames lounge chair. “I wish I had designed it,” she says with a smile.

WGS partition

WGS Gallotti Radice design monica armani partition

7. The art of hospitality. “When we invite guests to dinner, I cover the table with a dark gray linen tablecloth and lace in the middle. Chinese porcelain dishes, silver or steel cutlery from Muji and large glasses for water and wine. I also use ivy to decorate the napkins, candles, and glass cake stands that I’ve been collecting for years. I can’t resist it. Like a new pair of shoes with breathtaking high heels.

WGS green stool

wgs ​​stool green designer furniture and ideas monica armani

8. The textures. I like the strict style, including the pattern. As well as the simplicity and simplicity of the black and white combination. In these colors I designed a new porcelain stoneware collection for Mutina. Her name is Bark and is reminiscent of wood bark. When choosing fabrics, Monica is always looking for a balance between material and purism. “I love the linen, but also the felt I used for the upholstery of the WGS stool for Galloti & Radice experimented.

LEM for Coro

lem coro dining table chairs stainless steel design monica armani

9. Preferred material. The stainless steel. As with the project LEM, a collection of tables and chairs for Coro. Something new is the possibility of changing the upholstery of the seats thanks to an innovative clip system.

Designer furniture and ideas by Monica Armani – Wafer Chair

Molteni Wafer chairs upholstery seat backrest

10. The exception. Wafer. The wooden chair for Molteni & C. Clean and strong lines. But this time the material is solid wood, reinterpreted thanks to automotive engineering. The backrest and seat are padded.

wgs ​​table wood organization system table lamp

elegant office furniture  products ideas designer monica armani office furniture ottoman

white kitchen for Efeti

mak2 kitchen efeti manufacturer designer monica armani

Designer furniture and ideas by Monica Armani

crystal table rectangular monica armani glass top