Designer hammock with wooden frame by Laurent Corio

Designer hammock with wooden frame -stabaile-construction-laurent-corio

The designer Laurent Cirio from Paris has the “Dissilence” Hammock with a wooden frame designed for “Prix Emile Hermes”, a product design competition. He’s been dating the French woodworkers Tescabois worked together successfully and their design was among the first twelve finalists in the competition. The hammock is not tied to the diamond-shaped wooden frame with ropes, like most outdoor hammocks, but attached to the wooden frame with the help of two metal rings. The rings fit perfectly on the ends of the wood and ensure stable swinging back and forth without friction.

“Dissilence” Hammock with a wooden frame by Laurent Cirio

dissidence hammock with wooden frame design-laurent-corio

The designer has chosen a fabric in blue that contrasts nicely with the wood color. The light wooden frame can be moved anywhere and therefore the hammock is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Imagine sleeping in the garden under the tree shade while the hammock sways gently. Everyone in the family can lie down comfortably and relax here.

the hammock is attached to the wooden frame with metal rings


the main idea and the drawings from the designer

Designer-hammock-wooden frame-Laurent-Corio-draft-drawing

the wooden frame

dissidence-designer-hammock-wooden frame-Laurent-Corio-representation