Designer furniture – the majestic armchair by Massimo Farina

Seat cushions dark wood color modern pieces of furniture in front

The Italian designer Massimo Farina recently presented a majestic wooden armchair. The noble piece of furniture is part of his last collection Designer furniture, that combine classic chic with modern material processing techniques. The eclectic mix of styles can be perfectly integrated into modern living spaces and gives the interior a kick.

Designer furniture from Italy – the armchair by Massimo Farina maintains the balance between the traditional and the modern

Designer furniture wood stylish modern garden classic style

Massimo Farina’s armchair is inspired by classic Italian design and works of art from the previous century. The sculptural look of the piece of furniture enhances both the modern and the royal style furnishings. The attractive grain cannot let go of the eyes. The design not only scores with a stylish look, but also with a comfortable backrest.

the Designer furniture of the Massimo brand are offered in a limited series. Each piece of furniture is delivered with a special certificate of origin.

Designer furniture made of wood – the armchair offers seating comfort

Frame modern upholstered furniture seat cushions architectural look

A production that is perfect in every detail

Designer furniture backrest detail wood modern stylish

The armchair is part of the designer’s latest collection

Backrest wood modern Italian designer furniture

The grain of the wood cannot let go of the eyes

modern construction ergonomic seat backrest

Backrest wood lace massive construction rear view

Backrest, wooden seat cushion, white fabric