Designer furniture reinterprets forms from nature

Leather Cupboard Dresser Clad Designer Exhibition Paris Gallery

A unique Designer furniture Exhibition was hosted by Carpenters Workshop Gallery – 10 projects were presented at the Parisian Galetie Le Marais. The forms of nature – animals, plants, stones and reliefs – have been reinterpreted in a creative way. In the end, 12 innovative furniture concepts were created in a wide range of colors and materials.

Designer furniture – Piracuru Cupboard

Designer cupboard cabinet doors wood leather clad straw

The Piracuru dresser is absolutely our favorite piece from the collection – it was made by the designer duo Humberto & Fernando Campana completed. The innovative piece of furniture has a wooden construction that was later covered in leather. The door handles made of straw attract attention and emphasize the connection between the plants and the animals.

Designer furniture with a nature concept

Wooden dresser modern designer furniture leather clad straw door handles

The rest of the exhibition also had a lot to offer – everyone Designer furniture have a nature concept and bring an artistic and exotic touch to the interior. Thanks to the modern choice of materials, they fit perfectly with minimalist furnishings, where they can be used as an accent.

The Piraciru model – in the back

Cupboard rear leather clad nature inspired

Chair of Atelier van Lieshout

Color fossil shape original design faux fur

Shape original designer furniture ideas exhibition

Furniture design ideas Fossil chair original look

The blue chair by Atelier van Lieshout was not named Fossil by chance – its surface successfully imitates petrification.

Design by Rick Owens

Paris architectural look backrest individual details white

Furniture design original look white color

Furniture design white stone chair original construction massive

The other chair in the exhibition – by Rick Owens looks like it was made from mammoth teeth.

Armchair by Robert Stadtler

Furniture armchair two backrest stone look leather

Fels leather clad modern look for two people

modern look nice design gray color detail

The comfortable armchair by Robert Stadler looks like a rock, and in any case, it impresses with its soft seat and backrest.

Pendant lamp by Frederik Molenschot

modern design imitating bird flight made of metal

Metal original shape construction ideas black golden

Pendant lamp metal lamps original construction

The modern pendant lamp by Frederik Molenschot was inspired by the flight of birds and imitates movement in the air.

Closet of Ingrid Donat

Drawers inspired South America tribes stems functionally original

Statue cabinet design furniture drawers storage space

Shapes statue metal modern drawers three wood

Ingrid Donat’s closet was influenced by South American tribes.

Side table by Charles Trevellian

gold tree branches look tall sofa modern artwork

Gold tree branch legs rustic look nice design

Charles Trevellian presented his golden side table, which fascinates with a rustic look. The table legs have a wood look.

Garden bench from Marc Quinn

Iceberg shape modern concept furniture exhibition Paris

Marble iceberg imitates white color paint ideas

Marc Quinn’s marble garden bench looks like an iceberg – the perfect addition to the water garden!