Designer furniture by Pierre Leron – a designer table made of almond wood


The French artist Tomás Alonso from Saint Rémy de Provence has created a unique designer table made of glass and almond wood. As an inspiration and creative idea, he took over the art line of Pierre Leron Lesur’s style, but by turning the “Sylvistructure” in a new direction. Art and craftsmanship meet. Designer furniture based on Pierre Leron all over again.

The Sylvistructure line – designer furniture based on Pierre Leron


Sylvistructure as a creative beginning for the Designer furniture based on Pierre Leron reveal the beauty of the old wood. Driftwood that was found and collected on village streets provide the basis for the innovative project. Dead wood or is it more of a feat? !!! We’ll see. The technique of processing includes careful detachment of decaying mass, mud and earth and showing the interior of the wooden part and its “veins”.

Designer furniture by Pierre Leron – a house of applied arts in France

Works of art-exhibition-museum-almond tree-wood

If you are looking for Designer furniture based on Pierre Leron you should get an overview and first Maison de L ‘Amandier  visit in France. Sylvistructure is the line of art that is shown and exhibited in every way and in an original way. Take your time and look at the works of art and what is created under the busy hands of the artists.

Floor lamp with almond wood

Designer furniture-home decor-lamp-floor lamp-driftwood cable

Art piece or living room decor


Metal and wood meet

Metal table-design-driftwood-three-legged

Expensive gift idea 

Artwork-wood-glass-coated-designer furniture