Designer chairs COD – Traditional weaving techniques and modern design

designer chairs COD project furniture collection woven

The Israeli designer Rami Tareef has designed a fascinating armchair collection called the COD project. The special thing here is that the structure of the Designer chairs hand-woven wicker. In his designs, the industrial designer has combined traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design.

Designer chairs COD by Rami Tareef

COD chair stool collection Rami Tareef geometric patterns

With an innovative braiding technique, he creates a three-dimensional matrix of geometric shapes. For one of these amazing looms, Rami Tareef needs around 500 meters of polypropylene cord and ten meters of steel tubing. And that’s particularly impressive because all the chairs are handcrafted. And that’s not the end of the story. A craftsman in Jerusalem taught him the traditional weaving technique that he used for this extraordinary armchair.

Designer chairs made by hand

looms COD weaving techniques modern design rami tareef

These approaches to production can be seen in the planning and implementation of the processes. The frame of the chairs was sketched, created in a CAD program and then manufactured so that they could then serve as structural support for the weaving of the cords.

Different colors and designs   designer chairs COD projekt collection rami tareef gaga design

geometric shapes and patternsdesigner chairs COD black white woven steel frame

a whole new feeling of sittingdesigner chairs COD rami tareef weaving technology steel frame

elegant in the living area

designer chairs rami tareef design manufacturer gaga

Steel construction and cord

designer looms COD stainless steel frame woven geometric pattern

traditional weaving techniques from Jerusalem but a contemporary look

designer chairs COD dark gray stainless steel frame woven designer COD chairs weaving techniques craftsmanship rami tareef designer chairs COD feeling of sitting woven geometric matrix designer stuihl woven COD rami tareef handmade designer chair COD steel construction woven designer chairs COD beige traditional weaving techniques designer chair COD collection rami tareef jerusalem designer chairs COD blue rami tareef cords designer chair COD steel frame woven cobalt blue COD project Rami Tareef designer woven chairs