Designer chair made of bamboo – sustainability and innovation by MOSO

Bamboo innovative construction ergonomic shape

We present one to you designer chair made of bamboo, which attracts attention due to its original construction.

Designer chair made of bamboo – creativity and functionality

Furniture design chair bamboo wood

The Dutch company MOSO has long been known in Europe for its modern and functional pieces of furniture. The leading company creates sustainable and innovative bamboo furniture for the house and the garden. They offer a wide variety of designs – from floor coverings to outdoor furniture to terrace coverings, wall panels and custom-made products for exclusive brands. The rich experience of the employees allows a certain flexibility when designing new projects. Thanks to the high technology, furniture like this designer chair – can be produced quickly. The processing of bamboo wood is a complicated process that MOSO’s technicians master without any problems.

Designer chair with an original look becomes a highlight in the living room

Design Scandinavian furniture decor ideas

Of the designer chair The MOSO brand was made from several pieces of bamboo. The piece of furniture attracts attention thanks to its original construction. At the same time, it has totally fascinated us with its clear lines. The chair can be used both as an accent in the living area and as part of the furniture in the dining room. Several chairs can create a cozy sitting area – where you can have coffee with friends. The backrest and the seat inspire with a comfortable ergonomic shape. If you still want to sit more comfortably, you can put several upholstered cushions. The designers decided to keep the natural bamboo color. Furnishings in the purist or Scandinavian style are certainly complemented by the chair.

Bamboo is an extremely durable material that is well suited for both indoor and outdoor use. The chair can therefore be placed on the balcony or terrace in summer. Enjoy the innovative design of the Dutch company!

The chair inspires with a construction in the Scandinavian style

Side view of wood furniture living room

Sustainable furniture made of bamboo wood – chair by MOSO

Designer furniture backrest ergonomic Holy bamboo