Design sofa and modern seating furniture for living areas with character

Design sofa -upholstery-colored-armrests-air

The couch is always the focus of the living room and frankly everything revolves around it. The rest of the furniture, such as shelves or small pieces of furniture, remain in the background and serve as storage space. The high demands for proper comfort and an attractive appearance are based on everything Design sofa directed. The Italian manufacturer Lago offers a wide variety of attractive seating furniture that not only offers functional use, but also a playful design of upholstery and accents.

Design sofa and modern seating furniture – tastefully Italian from Lago

Design sofa -modern-two-levels-air

The modern design sofa collection “Air” would please the most discerning taste, as it appears diverse and really attractive. The collection includes several different models with characteristic designs. Common to all pieces of furniture is the functional design, which is strongly oriented towards the changing seating position.

Design sofa collection “Air” – large selection of colors and shapes

Design sofa -living room-modern-upholstery-two-color-air

The backrest and the side armrests can be completely removed or transformed. In this way, the design sofa can be converted as required. Selectable seat depth and height of the backrest are also optional, so that the couch feels really comfortable when sitting or relaxing.

Modular design Sofa Air – modules in different colors

Design sofa -module-couch-upholstery-air

Flat furniture is in vogue and seating options extremely low or placed directly on the floor are involved. In the “Air” collection, there are variants for modules in which the base frame has been completely eliminated. These invite you to relaxing moments when you want to lie down harmlessly.

Design sofa Air with ottoman – comfortable, practical, good

design-sofa-living room-beige-upholstery-air-ottoman

Corner sofas and those with an extended section, the so-called ottoman, where you can lie down and relax, are very popular when it comes to the selection of suitable sofa models. These are particularly suitable if there is enough space in the living room. This is where the excellent design sofa is put in the limelight.

 Design sofa in gray or beige for a minimalist living ambience

design-sofa-living room-minimalist-gray-air

A real feature of the “Air” sofa collection is the transparent-looking glass-look frame. It makes the modern seating furniture appear to be floating and weightless, which gives the apartment a special airiness.

Design sofa collection “Slide”

design-sofa-brown-living room-geometric-slide

The “Slide” collection from Lago, Italy offers different variants of modular seating furniture, which are characterized by typical geometric shapes. Similar to Lego parts, but equipped with a backrest, these functional pieces of furniture can be positioned differently and thus adapted to the most varied of spatial conditions.

Geometric shapes and simple upholstery fabrics


The choice of colors is related to the puristic, straight lines. The couch modules are available with different seat widths from 70 to 145 centimeters.

Different combinations are possible


This collection offers parquet flooring with the typical geometric shape. This unconventional design language in combination with the high-quality materials create a modern, harmonious atmosphere in which all design elements fit together.

Cleverly placing modules as seating in the living room


Modern, minimalist and cozy can all work under the same roof. Go for light, neutral or pastel colors and you are sure to make the right choice.

Rectangular design sofa with high armrests


Corner sofa Air for a spacious living room


In the spacious living room there is a need for a real focal point where you can spend sociable or relaxed moments. A corner sofa and attractive rug are wonderfully suited for this purpose. As in the interior above, you only choose one element with playful motifs that dominates. A colorful oriental carpet and couch in a neutral color are a successful combination.

Modern seating with Italian design – “Chama” collection


The “Chama” collection can safely be described as youthful and very modern. There are two-seat couches and armchairs that look similar to bed accessories. However, this strange seating furniture can easily be converted into sleeping facilities.

Functional seating options – armchairs and two-seater couch


The seat surface is actually a mat that is folded in two and a backrest surface fixes it in the desired position. The pillow provides additional comfort and can also be used as a sleeping pillow.

Sleep function – the mat can be easily taken off


The functional furniture Chema is wonderfully suitable for small or rental apartments, where you often receive visitors. In the teenage room this would be really useful when friends unexpectedly stay over the night.

Modern armchair with character “Huggy”


The Huggy armchair is sure to be an eye-catcher in the modern living room. It impresses with its unusual but functional design and colored upholstery. As with “Chema”, this seating furniture hides a practical sleeping option that can be used as required.

Different upholstery fabrics can be selected for the mat


Huggy consists of a mat with attractive upholstery, a bucket and pouf that serves as a seat. The mat is inserted into the bucket and the pouf is placed in the middle. The result is an armchair with armrests and backrests that appears very youthful and modern.

Huggy armchair – suitable for every area


Huggy will certainly find a coveted place in the youth room and serve equally well as an armchair or seat cushion.

Huggy armchair becomes: sleeping mat, pillow and bedside table


If necessary or when visitors come and there is not enough space to sit on, the mat is simply placed on the floor and used as a seat cushion.

Repurposing the armchair:


How you can transform the armchair with which simple movements is shown in the picture above. Different versions of the frame and upholstery can be found in the manufacturer’s catalog.

Modern, Italian design – chair “Lastika “


“Lastika” is a round armchair and, as it is probably clear from the name, is characterized by a particularly elastic seat. However, this consists of elastic, colored bands that are tied in the middle in a concentric circle.

Functional, playful design for a modern living environment


Lastika is available in a wide range of colors in connection with the rest of Lago Design’s products.

Modern wooden chair “Joynt”


At first glance, “Joynt” looks like an ordinary wooden chair that is particularly suitable for the dining area. But you can only notice what is special when you first sit down. It offers an extraordinary backrest that adapts to the sitting position.

Modern chair design – ergonomic, stackable and minimalistic


Elastic rubber parts are integrated in the backrest, which give way and bend slightly when leaning. This supports the pelvis in different sitting positions.

“Steps” chair – 100% sustainable

B 38151

The Steps chair has a typical chair shape – four chair legs, straight seat and backrest. But it is 100% recyclable.

Modern, minimalist design for the dining room

The backrest and seat of the chair are made of industrial belt and the construction is made entirely of aluminum. The two materials are in high demand in the construction industry and are also 100% recyclable.

Modern furniture in the dining room by Lago Design – black chairs “Steps” and white table “Air”


Minimalist made of wood – “Knoki” chair


“Knoki” is a chair with armrests and seat made of walnut and a metal frame. It impresses with its simple, minimalist design and the use of sophisticated materials.

Industrial design and minimalism in a modern home – Knoki chair and dining table


In addition to the chair, there is also a table that can be used in the dining area or as a work surface. The pieces of furniture are a work of cooperation between the Italian manufacturer Lag and

Design sofa and seating furniture in a modern style by Lago

modern-seating-wood-industrial-design-living room-dining area

* You can find the whole product line on the homepage of Lago