Design grandfather clock with pendulum by Boca do Lobo – antique elements and glass

Design grandfather clock with pendulum antique baroque elements smoked glass

When is a designer piece a work of art? Is “the art of furniture design” a convenient terminology to describe this new direction in design that combines unique design objects with a touch of functionality? Is this art a new trend? The resulting works such as “Time Goes By” by Boca do Lobo are a mixture of a magical fantasy and reality. This fascinating Design grandfather clock with pendulum goes back to another era to get the best out of it and blend it harmoniously with the contemporary.

Design grandfather clock with pendulum – back to the future

design pendulum clock smoked glass mahogany wood

Grandfather clocks are a good, classic piece of time that you’ve seen many times in the old houses. But what would you say if these got a modern or eclectic look? Portuguese furniture maker Boca do Lobo has their quirky and ornate furniture designs and home accessories, but this pendulum clock is a nicely balanced mix of antique and modern. It is similar to the original, but gives the heirloom a new shape.

Design grandfather clock with pendulum – grandmother’s clock has a new look

Grandfather clock pendulum limited edition baroque elements smoked glass

The base of the grandfather clock is hand-carved from mahogany wood. It shows the time on its display with red digits. The pendulum is made of stainless steel and placed in a box made of smoked glass. The hand-carved mahogany base is coated in silver leaf and painted with a combination of high-gloss amethyst paint and black. The design process is very complicated as you can see in the video below. The hand sketches were transformed into 3D models and then decorated with inlays by hand.

High gloss amethyst color  Grandfather clock design bocadolobo purple color baroque style

Digital, pendulum and grandfather clock in one

design-grandfather clock-pendulum clock-limited-edition-smoked glass

Baroque elements behind smoked glass

Design grandfather clock with pendulum antique purple mahogany wood smoked glass

Design grandfather clock with pendulum antique modern bocadolobo limited edition

Grandfather clock pendulum bocadolobo antique modern purple color