Design coffee table made of carpet by Alessandro Isola

New interpretation-of-coffee-table

Alessandro Isola reinterprets a coffee table and designs one Design coffee table which is an immediate eye-catcher when entering the living room. What is still strange is the feeling of presence and an atmosphere with news in the air. Just look carefully in the direction of the carpet and what looks like a crease or crease on the carpet and what signals movement or movement through the carpet is something completely different. Predetermined as a small groove, curved edge or crease angle on a perfectly ordinary smooth surface and causes a feeling of disorder and should be immediately stretched out again in a horizontal position. Curious? Take a look. All photos are kindly provided by Alessandro Isola.

Design coffee table – from “stumble upon” to the everyday piece of furniture

Window front-books-side table-coffee table-and-carpet

This annoying crease on the carpet has Alessandro Isola used as inspiration for his project “stumble upon stumbling over something” and its practical Design coffee table designed for the coffee break. Here we see the coffee table as a piece of furniture in the living room. This annoying fold in the carpet turns out to be a work of art with an original design. A single sheet metal plate takes on two roles in two different designs. From the side of comfort and usability, the choice of the two surfaces is seen as a contrast between the upper part of the carpet and the underlayment. The fluffy surface gives a feeling of special handwork and its imperfection. In contrast, the bottom side is perfect, shiny and smooth, which in itself is an artifact because we all know how unsympathetic and rough the underlayment of a carpet usually is, making it easier for it to get stuck to the flooring.

Design coffee table with a close up of the shiny surface that catches the piles of books 

Stainless-steel-look carpet-and-corner coffee-table

That Design coffee table its reflected surface captures the texture and decorations in this living area. Surprising effect with reinterpretation – from the little excursion on the carpet to the repeatedly annoying fold to the accidentally discovered and usable object in our everyday life – the table for coffee. The coffee table can also be covered with mosaic tiles.

Wooden-floor-carpet-made-of-artificial-fur-corner-coffee table

Detailed view from the folded angle

stumble-upon-surface coffee table