Design chair – stylish and elegant furnishing options

 design chair furnishing style chic lacquered legs

Design chair by Jane represents an egg-shaped cocoon that unites the seat and armrest. With its clear lines and silhouette and white, creamy or ash gray colors, the chair goes well with any modernist decor.

Design chair – seat and legs are available in different color nuances

design chair wood legs contrast tones table floor lamp

Of the Design chair by designer Jane for Compar also turned out to be a wonderful accent that makes industrial rooms or small houses look aesthetic. The design of the wooden legs suggests a mid-century style. The same applies to the polyurethane seat. But the angular shape of the legs and the white lacquer are typical of the 21st century. Customers are offered chairs with legs in creamy, ash gray or walnut shades. The combination between the seat in a light color and legs made of natural beech wood creates a real Nordic flair, which is perfect for a small apartment.

Design chair – contrast and accents highlight the advantages

design chair ash gray accent gray shape interesting

The use of natural materials – whether beech or walnut – allows this Design chair, to contrast with light tiles or wooden floor. The choice of ash gray accent on the seat, alongside white or cream lacquered armrests, adds additional interest. In this way a geometrical look can be created. It would be fun to use this seat and armrest combo for a home office. Dark wood or materials painted in light colors give the final kick to the design of the egg-shaped chair.

egg shaped cocoon white leg version famous designer names

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These eye-catching chairs would bring the mood up in the room right away

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Atypical and unusual ideas for chair design

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Creative models ensure variety in your home

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