Design a reading corner: reading is really fun in a feel-good atmosphere

Design a reading corner - armchair-leather-footstool

Sometimes there is nothing better than to withdraw in the evening after a stressful day and immerse yourself in another world with a book in hand. If you like reading, you definitely need peace and quiet and a relaxed environment. Unfortunately, not everyone has a separate reading room. How can a Design a reading corner and what goes with it, we’d be happy to introduce you to.

Designing and furnishing a reading corner: what goes with it?

Design a reading corner -living room-armchair-leather-lamp

When planning the reading corner, it must be in the foreground that you should above all have fun and enjoy using the facility. A reading room or corner can be very small. 4-5 square meters can be enough. What is part of it? The perfect reading location includes its own library. In the library, the books can be arranged according to an individual ordering principle. You can attach colored dots, symbols or even numbers to the book cover and thus give your favorite book collection a personal touch. Library cabinets, bookshelves and built-in shelving systems are suitable for the presentation and storage of books – depending on the room situation and preferences.

A comfortable retreat for reading with alcoves

Design a reading corner -reading chair-wing chair-floor lamp

How do you have to Design a reading corner? Create enough comfortable seating. Armchairs and sofas, lots of pillows or a shaggy carpet are suitable for this. Reading furniture is available in a wide range – in the best design and at a cheap price. The walls of the reading room can also be designed thematically – for example with pictures and illustrations. The furnishing of the reading corner should exude a positive atmosphere and contribute to well-being. In school and kindergarten, too, the learning and play atmosphere is shaped by a suitably designed room.

Furnishing ideas for curious bookworms or bookworms

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After you have found a suitable place, think about drawer elements and storage options. The lighting is of great importance when designing a reading corner. If there is not enough daylight, you need to provide good artificial lighting. A floor lamp with a movable joint is ideal for this.

reading-corner-design-armchair-pink-upholstered ottoman

What makes the reading corner a favorite place in the room and even in the whole apartment is the reading chair. It is the heart of the reading area and as such you should especially like it. Outfitters and interior designers often turn to unusual pieces of furniture that are eye-catching. A rocking chair, wing chair or ottoman, for example, can be an eye-catcher. Depending on how you like to read and relax, you can add a footstool to the cozy reading corner and immerse yourself in a book with your legs outstretched.

Design your own reading room – here are a few ideas 

design armchair reading corner-side table interior design home textiles

If you are looking for a convenient place for the reading corner, this is close to the window. You can really benefit from the natural light during the day. In the evening and when there is not enough daylight, you naturally have to rely on artificial light. Since the space at the window is often limited, a reading light is needed. Height-adjustable floor lamps or clip-on lamps that can be easily and quickly attached anywhere are ideal for reading.

Furnishing a reading room in a Scandinavian style

scandinavian style furniture-white plain-floor lamp shaggy carpet-fur

In addition to the comfortable reading chair, a small side table is always close at hand. You can put down your reading material there and put down a cup or two of tea. Scented candles create a cozy living atmosphere and also transform the reading corner into a real oasis of wellbeing.

Wall design with abstract pictures tailored to the home textiles

sofa for reading wall design with pictures side table table lamp

In addition to a comfortable seat, cushions and a cozy blanket contribute to a high level of seating comfort on the reading chair. Soft home textiles are also wonderful decorative elements that conjure up an individual touch and an inviting atmosphere. Of course, they should be selected in terms of color and matching the style of living. Finally, it is important to create a reading corner that is related to the rest of the room design.

Hanging basket chair suitable for reading

hanging basket armchair design upholstery cushions retreat footrest

Home textiles provide more security

floor lamp for reading corner carpet optic swivel armchair classic design

reading corner lighting conditions determine ideas for floor lamp armchairs with footrests

reading corner ideas furniture for reading floor lamp movable retro armchair

wooden side table storage space reading corner metal chair

retro chair wood frame-reading corner with standing lamp-copper lampshade

Make a reading corner on the windowsill - fluffy pillows

reading corner design-furnishing upholstered reading-furniture armchair lighting

yellow armchairs-upholstered couch cushions-bookshelves carpet

Reading corner design-scandinavian style floor lamp with lightbulb

cozy reading corner upholstered armchair-side table glass wall decoration with pictures

reading room wall design border ergonomic floor lamp metal

reading corner-yellow deck chair-design books shelf system open

reading room furnishing ideas with fireplace-rocking armchair

reading room children's room bookcases wood wall wallpaper pattern

ideas furnishing-with wood-vintage reading room furniture retro armchairs

Create a cozy reading corner with an indoor fireplace side table

retro pull out sofa reading furniture floor lamp living ideas