Decoration and furniture design ideas inspire with elegance and functionality

Home decoration and furniture design wall decoration cardboard material

These wondrous works are made only from recycled cardboard. You are for great Decoration and furniture design thought.

Decoration and furniture design – two functions in one work

Furniture design detail on the side show interesting beige tones

In addition to the fact that these creations are excellent works of art, they impress with their functionality and practicality. Models vary from lamps to a wide variety of pieces of furniture, such as chairs. Marie-Jose Gustave is the artist who came up with this original idea. For several years she has carefully researched both modern art and today’s living needs. The end result – she creates the perfect one Decoration and furniture design, a strange combination between art and usefulness. Modern works of art become useful designer elements when necessary.

Deco and furniture design impresses with aesthetics and uniqueness

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Marie-Jose Gustave comes from the Caribbean, which has greatly influenced her ideas and her work. At this point in time, your studio is in Montreal. Canada turns out to be the best pick. A country that completely reflects the character and interests of the artist. After visiting many different places, Canada became a real hit with her. A country rich in contrasts and cultural heritage. Your imagination has created these whimsical design works. If you are also environmentally friendly and think highly of sustainable development, then these great ideas are aimed exactly at you. Take a look and you will see the usefulness and aesthetics of each of these high quality feats.

The artist’s creative ideas are innumerable

Hanging lamps decorate to give new interesting touch

Unique works of art made only from cardboard

Deco and furniture design installation installation lighting

Recycled materials are environmentally friendly

Decoration and furniture design original idea attractive container

Add some variety and charm to the interior!

marie jose gustave tying several master works together

This decoration and furniture design is suitable for every taste

Deco wood recycled cardboard material long research

Combine modern art and usability

Decoration and furniture design wickerwork interesting piece of cardboard

These cardboard sheets are eye-catching

Deco furniture design furnishing wall art panels fixed

Each version is unique and more or less different from the others

Decoration and furniture design chair functionally beautiful at the same time

The usefulness of the decorative detail emerges

Deco backrest furniture piece original modern art

The whimsical execution is remarkable

Decoration and furniture design peculiar to today's life needs

Decoration and furniture design famous artist modern art usefulness The perfect decoration for any interior  Decoration and furniture design artist famous different shapes

Decoration and furniture design interesting execution perfect ceiling

material cardboard cardboard recycled perfectly result trendy

Deco and furniture design marie jose gustave round stripes

Deco and furniture design marie jose gustave original

Decoration and furniture design current practical ideas combination