Convertible furniture “Switch” by Sas Adriaenssens – compact, comfortable and cool

Convertible furniture -transformer-furniture-switch from sas-adriaenssens

Convertible furniture “Switch” by Sas Adriaenssens is here to enchant you with its originality and functionality. The transforming furniture is compact, comfortable, and cool enough to grab your attention and search the web for it right away. How do you like them?

Convertible furniture “Switch” by Sas Adriaenssens – simply turn around or tilt

Convertible furniture - Buzziswitch-transformer-furniture

the Transformer furniture  could fit perfectly in your home if you choose to embellish the interiors with some really unusual and minimalist pieces of furniture. We present you the Switch furniture collection. These amazing masterpieces are designed by Sas Adriaenssens for BuzziSpace. Their multifunctionality shows the magic of the compact and comfortable Transformer furniture. The basic idea behind this furniture collection is that the modularity and the convenience of the furniture should be placed on the plinth.

Convertible furniture “Switch” by Sas Adriaenssens – the contemporary idea for ingenious Transformer furniture

Convertible furniture -Switch-sas-Adriaenssens-multifunctional-furniture

The idea behind “Switch” by Sas Adriaenssens came back in the 1930s. This decade of the last century is famous for his first steps in the conception of modern and comfortable furniture – an idea that combines beauty and functionality. However, the switch from Sas Adriaenssens is now coming to present the audience with an interesting idea for home furniture. They save space and make it possible to preserve the functionality of every piece of furniture, every modular masterpiece.

Convertible furniture – Switch series by BuzziSpace

Convertible furniture modular-furniture-switch-series-BuzziSpace

The series  “Switch” by Sas Adriaenssens is not just a desk that could transform into a row of stools and a great wooden cabinet. This is a modern model of a house, designed and built in the simplest and smallest of patterns. The materials that are used are completely environmentally friendly and the damask – soft, beautiful, and attractive with its simple decoration. PET bottles and wood waste are the main materials from Switch Collection. It was definitely not a waste of time to produce this beautiful minimalist furniture collection.

Convertible furniture – partition and stool

Partition stool switch series

“Switch” by Sas Adriaenssens offers you three interesting sets for the three rooms – the office at home, in the living room and in the bedroom. The living room series presents a compact modular Transformer stool that can be a set of several stools. The bedroom idea is to make the bed come with a set of some nice poufs. The office idea in the Switch collection offers a modular desk – in which it could also become a cabinet and a seat.

Convertible furniture “Switch” by Sas Adriaenssens – adaptable and cute

space-saving pieces of furniture

The “Switch” collection by Sas Adriaenssens is unusual and sweet. This Transformer furniture is made from entirely recycled and environmentally friendly materials that would match your simple or original interior. The wooden structures and cotton damask are classic options for a furniture design.

Modular convertible furniture for small spaces


The main color nuances in Switch furniture collection are light brown (the wooden surfaces), red and white. You can combine them with the same colors on the walls and floor or with black and white wallpaper and neutral parquet. Whatever you choose out there “Switch” by Sas Adriaenssens Giving you the opportunity to decorate your home with a refined taste and style. With care for practicality and compactness.

Convertible furniture with practical use


Convertible furniture – compact, adjustable, foldable


Convertible furniture – couch with a functional design


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