Configure furniture yourself online: Tailor-made room solutions for every living situation

Configure furniture yourself online Wall shelf made to measure

Made-to-measure furniture used to be hard to get hold of, now it’s just a few clicks away. A cupboard in the corner, a shelving system under the sloping ceiling or a wall shelf above the fireplace: everyone can now configure their own furniture online. Custom-made products are extremely functional and offer practical space solutions for both complex-cut old buildings and modern new buildings. They are also more interesting than mass-produced goods, give the room individuality and unmistakable charm. In any case, so that the end result corresponds to your expectations, you must adhere to a few basic rules when ordering. We’ll give you useful tips on what to look out for when planning.

Configure furniture yourself online: plan the furniture step by step

Configure furniture yourself online bedroom closet

In just a few steps you can configure individual pieces of furniture made to measure:

1. Measure the room exactly and create a sketch

The first step in the new facility is perhaps the most important. Measure the space (length, width, height) exactly. Then make a room sketch and mark the other furniture on it. The sketch will give you an idea of ​​how much free space you actually have. When doing this, consider your habits, take into account the arrangement of the rest of the furniture when planning and leave enough space for free movement in the room. When you have analyzed the spatial conditions and determined the desired dimensions for the new piece of furniture, you can order it.

Configure furniture yourself online living room shelving system

2. Order made-to-measure furniture from a well-known supplier.

In contrast to mass production, individual pieces pose a challenge for most manufacturers. That is why it is worthwhile to order the furniture made to measure from a well-known supplier. A qualified and experienced team that works with modern machines can even manufacture complex products with millimeter precision. You can also get advice at any time if you have any questions, if you recognize a problem on the sketch or if you would like to discuss the project in detail. Also, pay attention to where the furniture is made. A supplier who has a production hall on site is generally more flexible than one who basically just forwards the order for production abroad. German furniture manufacturers can usually convince their customers with shorter delivery times. In the best case scenario, the company also offers additional services. This includes, for example, a 5-year guarantee for all pieces of furniture and the free shipping of surface samples.

Configure furniture yourself online: instructions

Configure furniture yourself online Cabinet wall shelf

3. Configure the furniture yourself online. 

Renowned manufacturers such as the Kleinhans joinery offer one in their online shop 3D furniture configurator. The piece of furniture is displayed there in three dimensions and you can see it from all sides. This will give you a better idea of ​​what the finished product will look like. First enter the dimensions in the 3D furniture configurator. Depending on the type of furniture, you must now first define structural details (e.g. connections to the wall) in several steps, then determine the division and interior fittings and then select a material in the desired color for the body. It is very beneficial if the price is shown during planning and updated every time an adjustment is made. So you can compare several variants and choose the best one.

Configure furniture yourself online Cabinet Home Office Shelf made to measure

4th. Delivery, assembly and cleaning.

If you Your new furniture Configure and order online yourself, then you can save the installation costs. The manufacturers offer detailed instructions so that you can easily assemble cabinets and shelving systems on your own. Make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions, otherwise the guarantee will not be recognized. You should also follow the care and cleaning instructions so that you can look forward to the individual piece of furniture for a long time to come.

Furniture online wall shelf made to measure