Concrete furniture – light and modern pieces of furniture from France

Furniture made of concrete table-candles-light-glass-copper-jimmy-delatour-design-lab

If you like the beautiful properties of concrete and want to add elements of it in your home, you don’t necessarily have to have walls, stairs or countertops made of concrete. We put a few here Concrete furniture by a French designer that look beautiful and at the same time are made of light material. Jimmy Delatour and Delatour Design Lab have made different pieces of furniture out of concrete, which are characterized by a unique design and low weight.

Jimmy Delatour’s concrete furniture is light and elegant

Concrete furniture lighter-dining table-glass-copper-jimmy-delatour-design-lab

For this dining table, concrete is used on the one hand for the legs and on the other hand for the bond with the glass pane. In addition, the concrete serves as a place for serving, on which cold or hot dishes can be placed carefree. The design of the table is suitable for dining rooms in a minimalist style.

Concrete furniture can be combined well with copper, glass and recycled leather

Concrete furniture movable-mirror-copper-hat shelf-jimmy-delatour-design-lab

The movable mirror from Delatour is a useful piece of furniture that allows you to look at yourself from the side. Another nice addition are the small hat racks that can be found on the top right and in the middle left. The concrete furniture by this designer combines several materials. A nice contrast is achieved with the recycled leather and copper elements, and the glass is used in the manufacture of different types of tables.

Modern home furnishings – concrete furniture with style


The braided star motif made of copper makes the pedestal table shown into a special piece of furniture that fits perfectly in the living room. The combination of copper and concrete shows how opposites attract.

A concrete house with a wonderful view


What would life be like in a concrete house? The French designer gave the answer to this question with an illustration depicting a concrete house with its concrete furniture.

Elegant cabinet with shelves made of concrete and original design


At first glance, the large cupboard doesn’t seem to offer that much concrete, but with the mirrored doors open you can see the concrete shelves with their unique design. The recycled leather doors have similar geometric motifs as the inner part of the closet and are really stylish.

Two-legged console table made of lightweight concrete and glass


The console table has the same design as the Delatour dining table and is actually half the size of the larger one. It also looks nice on a concrete wall.

Concrete and copper console tables with a round mirror with a taillight


A round mirror that is backlit works well with the concrete console table. As an alternative, Jimmy Delatour came up with a copper shelf that saves space and is suitable for smaller rooms.

Light concrete chest of drawers with built-in book stand


A lightweight concrete chest of drawers can bring the modern interior design to your apartment and at the same time be a useful piece of furniture. The drawers are perfect for containers and the concrete book stand is really great.

Elegant dressing table with hinged segments


With the folding designer dressing table from Delatour, you can feel like a star in the comfort of your own home. The modern concrete furniture again includes the combination of light concrete, copper and recycled leather, and the sliding segments cover the contents of the table in an elegant way.

Candlestick made of concrete and copper with an interesting design


The candle holders made of lightweight concrete and candle holders made of copper are a great addition to the concrete collection.

Concrete furniture – the work of Jimmy Delatour


The French designer has further developed modern interior design with his concrete furniture. The material is becoming more and more popular lately due to the new variants for concrete with lower weight.

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