Coffee tables – great designs for the practical piece of furniture

coffee tables industrial-metal-legs-vase-purple-decoration

What would the sofas be without the practical ones Coffee tables? You can quickly place a glass or the remote control on it. The compartments or drawers, which are usually built in, also help to keep things tidy, as smaller things, such as newspapers, a book or other things, can be stowed there. In addition to its practicality, the coffee table also has an aesthetic side. He can put the couch, for example, or the entire seating area, i.e. the center of the living room, more into focus. The coffee table is an essential part of the living room furnishings and should not be missing.

Coffee tables and their size

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The size of the coffee table, as well as the material from which it should be made, you should choose depending on the purpose it should serve. Small coffee tables are sufficient if space is limited and they should serve more as a side table, for example to store a book for a while. A large coffee table is necessary if you want to eat at it. In this case, the material also plays a role. It should be easy to clean in case you make a mess. High gloss, for example, is very suitable for this. Are you looking for a simple and modern design? Then a minimalist style coffee table is just right for you. These are offered in a wide variety of colors.

Coffee tables made of wood

Coffee tables square-block-wood-rustic-modern-chair-orange

Wooden coffee tables, on the other hand, add a cozy and warm atmosphere to the room. In this case, models that consist of three tables of different sizes and can be pushed into one another are practical when there is little space. In the event that you have more guests and need a larger table, simply pull the individual parts apart. A wooden coffee table is also very suitable for the vintage style.

Somewhat more extravagant coffee tables

coffee tables modern-design-laptop-stand-living room-furniture

There are also artistically designed coffee tables made of irregular and striking shapes and bright colors. Such models are a perfect choice if you have a rather extravagant style. Just make sure that the coffee table you choose matches the rest of the interior.

Glass coffee tables


In turn, glass coffee tables ensure elegance. There are also countless models for this variant. From a rather simple design in which the table top and table leg are made of transparent glass to playful and effective variants made of colored glass, there is something suitable for every taste. Combinations of a glass table top and table legs made of wood or metal are also interesting. It all depends on the design.

Marble coffee tables

Marble-natural stone version

You can create a luxurious atmosphere with a marble coffee table. The elegant material not only looks breathtaking, but is also easy to clean and wipe.

Coffee tables in the form of chests

Coffee table-chest-made-of-wood

Coffee tables in the form of chests are also particularly practical. These come in different styles and do not necessarily have to be made of wood. There you can stow your blanket and have it ready to hand if you should get cooler.

Different designs

With-wood-and-glass coffee table

Whichever variant you choose, there are no longer any limits to the design these days. If you have found interest and are curious about further examples of coffee tables, then take a look below. There we have put together other models for you, from which you can be inspired. The variety of models is guaranteed to impress you!

with glass plate

Coffee table with metal legs

Solid wood coffee table-low

Porcelain wall decor coffee table made of glass

with glass top coffee table design

with a high-gloss surface

practical-coffee table-extendable

Teak coffee table-modern