Coffee table made of wood slice – real wood for a puristic and rustic flair

Coffee table made of wood slice living area-hut-swing-sofa-chandelier-fireplace-decoration-folding table

The coffee table is without a doubt the focal point in every comfortably furnished living room and transforms the living area into a real oasis of wellbeing. A coffee table is not just a piece of furniture, but much more. What do you think of one Wooden disc coffee table? In this article we present you unique coffee tables made of real wood with an unmistakable character. let yourself be inspired!

Coffee table made of wood disc – visually enhance the living room furnishings

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If you want to add a great accent to your living room, you can easily achieve that with a unique coffee table. If you want to create a warm and cozy atmosphere in the living area, you can only do this with a single piece of furniture. How do you like this wooden disc coffee table? It is certainly a real gem and will attract everyone’s attention.

Coffee table made of wood slice for rustic and warm charm

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Bring a piece of nature into your home and create a harmonious and warm atmosphere in your home. A low coffee table with a tabletop made of a wooden disc looks absolutely natural due to its uneven shape and merges with the rest of the cozy and idyllic surroundings. In a living area with typical rural furnishings, this table made of natural wood stands out.

Natural elegance reinterpreted in the living room

Coffee table made of wood slice living room-natural material-corner couch-carpet-picture-vase-plant-throw pillows

A coffee table made of solid wood does not only go well with the country house style, of course. Natural materials are also absolutely trendy in a city apartment with clear and simple lines in the furnishings. They visually enhance the room and give your living room a distinctive touch that makes the entire facility seem somehow close to nature.

Underline the furnishing style or set individual highlights in the room

Coffee table made of wood slice living area-modern-corner-couck-carpet-wood-dark-lacquered

The unique coffee table made of wood slice will give your living room a lively character, regardless of the furnishing style. In the homely country house style, it blends naturally into the overall picture, while in a modern and minimalist apartment it cannot be overlooked and stands out from the rest of the furniture. This coffee table is a striking eye-catcher and spices up your living room.

Quaint coffee table made of wood slice – sustainable piece of furniture made of solid wood

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Wood is a special material that not only gives us the unique feeling of security and warmth, but also creates a healthy indoor climate as an environmentally friendly material. Use local wood material from sustainable forestry and let your living room shine with the help of naturally grown raw materials.

Unique pieces of furniture that exude natural beauty

Coffee table-wood-disc-thick-living room-carpet-couch-side table-natural material

This wooden disc coffee table undoubtedly has a natural and very unique beauty that is absolutely unadulterated. With such a unique coffee table, you have a piece of furniture with an individual character. The countless types of wood, which differ from one another in terms of their different colors and grains, make furniture made of real wood unique.

Create dynamism in the room with a coffee table made from a wooden disc

coffee table-wood-slice-living room-steel-table-legs-purple-couch-picture-pendant-lights-terrace-decoration figure

Do you want to combine several furnishing styles in one room? Perhaps choose a coffee table made from a wooden disc, which shines with a noble shine with its lacquered surface. The white lacquer of the table harmonizes with the attractive hanging lamps thanks to the white color. The purple couch with the cuddly decorative pillows in earth tones is skilfully staged in this room by the light color of the coffee table. If you want to bring more movement into your living room, you can place two coffee tables of different heights next to each other.

The ideal height of the coffee table for relaxing hours

Coffee table-wood-disc-steel-table-legs-candle holder-books-rustic-low-high

If you already have a couch, you will need to adjust the height of the table to match the height of the seat. A coffee table should not be higher than the seat of your sofa. Otherwise, the coffee table can be perceived as annoying for optical reasons.

Bring nature home with a coffee table made of real wood

coffee table-wood-disc-table-both-steel-tree-trunk-oblong-carpet-white-parquet floor

Nature creates unique, distinctive and extraordinary shapes that look perfect. With its authentic appearance, this coffee table creates an ambience in which you simply feel good. The wooden disc in an oval shape or the elongated disc of a building trunk present the natural wood structure and create a pleasant, warm atmosphere around you. Table legs made of thin steel provide the necessary support, but allow the unique aesthetics of the wood to come to the fore.

Successful material mix of solid wood and modern steel

coffee table-wood-slice-carpet-living-room-black-gray-red-steel-table-legs-robust-rustic

This coffee table made of a wooden disc in its natural shape stands heavy and full in the room. The sturdy steel table legs give the coffee table an even more rustic look and are an example of how combinations of different materials can look very attractive and visually appealing.

Coffee table made from a wooden disc – decorative and practical at the same time

coffee table-wood-disc-antique-rustic-tree-trunk-carpet-beige-throw-pillow-patterned-red-black

The coffee table not only has to be comfortably low, it also has to be the right size. Choose a coffee table in the finish that suits your needs and the furniture you have. Do you want a space-saving variant or a long table that is easy to reach from all seats?

Large coffee table with an impressive tabletop

coffee table-wood-disc-chairs-carpet-colorful-blue-purple-red-parquet-round-natural material

If you like to have visitors and spend your free time with friends, you can get yourself a larger coffee table around which you can have exciting and long conversations with your guests. This table made of light wood fascinates with the great design of the table top, which consists of several wooden discs in different sizes.

Solid wood coffee table on castors

coffee table-wood-disc-wood-trunk-wood-type-light-books-glasses-box-armchair-cupboard-carpet

If you want to give the rustic wood a special charm and combine it with metal, you can choose a coffee table made of a thicker wooden disc with castors. With its unique design, it brings a touch of industrial chic to your living room. The light color of the wood makes the room look bright and large.

Close to nature and practical

coffee table-wood-disc-tree-trunk-oval-castors-table-leg-cup-book-natural material

This coffee table on castors cuts a fine figure and impresses with its authentic, timeless and lively appearance. The tabletop of this table consists of a solid wooden disc with bark. The natural features of the trunk, such as holes in branches or other irregularities, make the piece of furniture unique.

Comfortable storage space with an attractive look

coffee table-wood-disc-table-legs-straight-black-tree bark-book-cups-couch-white

A coffee table with castors or with table legs made of steel can be easily adjusted anywhere in the room and is therefore a practical purchase for your home. A coffee table made of wood disc not only determines the ambience, but is also characterized by functionality. You can use the coffee table for a cozy coffee session with a friend or simply to put down your teacup.

Use a coffee table made from a wooden disc for decoration

Coffee table-wood-disc-carpet-steel-table-legs-books-vases-flowers-magnifying glass-throw pillows-fireplace-potted plants

You can also use the coffee table to decorate the room. Put up a vase with fresh, colorful flowers or a bouquet and make your living room look pretty. If you want to provide atmospheric, romantic lighting in the living area, you can place scented candles on the coffee table.

Use the coffee table as a side table

Coffee table-wood slice-furniture-lacquered-low-parquet floor-optics-weathered-curtains

Not only can you place your snacks and drinks on the coffee table, but also magazines, books or the remote control. It’s easy to put your glasses down next to the exciting book and always have the drink close at hand.

Optimal storage space for small items

Coffee table-wooden disc-oval-sanded-lacquered-steel-table-legs-books-box-vase-blouse-fireplace-parquet floor

If you are planning a cozy evening in front of the TV, or if you want to enjoy a cocktail or a glass of whiskey comfortably on the sofa, the coffee table can serve you well as a convenient storage area for nibbles or for your mobile phone.

Natural wood furniture with a special character

Coffee table-wood-disc-natural-materials-table-legs-round-spherical-shape-uneven

If you want a small coffee table made entirely of wood to decorate your living room, this version would be the right piece of jewelry for your home. The round table legs are also made entirely of wood. The smooth surface of the table and the elaborate, manual processing make this coffee table unique.