Coffee table made of car tires with castors – workshop chic by Tavomatico

coffee tables tires recycling colorfully painted tavometico

Tire recycling is a good idea for the garden, but now we’re going to present you with an interesting one Coffee table made from car tires for indoor use. These cool coffee tables are made by the Italian company Tavomatico manufactured. Two circular Plexiglas plates – one on top, one below – transform the tire into a coffee table with storage space. Four small castors are mounted on the underside so that this unusual table can be rolled anywhere – in the living room, home office, studio or garage.

Coffee table made of car tires by Tavomatico Italy

side table car tires roll white kitchen

The thick, chunky tire tread adds a bit of texture to the design, but it’s machined to make it smooth, odorless, and resistant to wear and tear. But with its original street use in fact, one can believe that there isn’t much that this little table cannot resist. After a long day, you can even put your feet up and use the table as a stool.

Coffee table made of car tires with storage space inside

coffee table made of plexiglass sheets of car tires storage space roll

Of the Coffee table made from car tires is available in a wide range of colors. The traditional black paint for purists screams workshop chic, but the lively colors transform it into a fairytale piece of furniture. An LED light inside is an optional addition.

brightly painted tires

tavometico coffee tables casters car tires orange pink

tavometico tire tables yellow plexiglass

Storage space for cozy blankets  

coffee table car tires storage space plexiglass blankets

bunrgunder red color

coffee table car tires burgundy red tavomatico italy

Industrial chic style

tavomatico tables tires plexiglass colors

Luxury black for purists

tavometico tire side table castors black

bright pink version

tavomatico side table car tire plexiglass pink color

four subtle colors

car tire side table white blue green roll plexiglass

recycling tire side table tavometico italy

colorful palette

Side table tires colorfully painted plexiglass roll

coffee table made of car tires rolls plexiglass red yellow purple orange

In combination with a tire print on the wall

coffee tables tires tavometico italy plexiglass multicolored