Christmas handicrafts with children: 15 handicraft ideas for popular motifs

Christmas handicrafts with children salt dough tree decorations ideas

When Santa Claus, Rudolf the reindeer and the snowman sit together on the windowsill, then it’s Christmas time. At the beginning of December at the latest, it is high time to start decorating the popular festival. For this, nice handicrafts can be made with the children, which would give the Christmas decoration a personal touch. In this article we have collected the most popular ideas and inspiration for Christmas crafts with children that you can do at home with the little ones. Let yourself be inspired and prepare the apartment for the coming holidays.

Popular motifs for Christmas handicrafts with children

tin cans tinker christmas tree recycling ideas children

Winter and Christmas are the best times to get creative at home. There are many great motifs and ideas for Christmas handicrafts with children that encourage their creativity and are fun at the same time. Whether it’s decorated Christmas trees, colorful tree decorations, Santa Claus or his friends you can freely choose, or try everything. Great craft projects with instructions to follow.

Make Christmas trees with children

Christmas tree handicrafts children painting cans decorating

The Christmas tree is a symbol of Christmas known worldwide and is therefore a wonderful craft idea for the occasion. You can even use recycled material to make the Christmas tree and thus recycle old objects. A great idea made from old tin cans in different sizes can be found in the picture above. You should first paint the cans with green spray paint and then decorate them together with the child. Colorful pompoms, threads and bows are very suitable for this. Also, don’t forget the star for the top.

fir trees tinker kids christmas decoration diy

The tinkered Christmas trees are an original decoration for the apartment and can beautify the window sills or the side table for Christmas. Styrofoam cones and some yarn can be used to make pretty Christmas trees in any color, which give the house a festive atmosphere. This project is suitable for handicrafts with elementary school children as well as for adults.

tinker christmas tree wool buttons elementary school kids tinker ideas christmas

Glue the end of the ball of wool to the bottom of the cone using the hot glue. Then start to wrap the whole cone with the yarn until you reach the top. At the very top, glue the other end of the wool again with the hot glue gun. Now it’s time to decorate! In the example, pompons are used as Christmas tree spikes and colorful buttons as tree balls, but you can also use any decoration.

christmas handicrafts children fir trees ice cream stalks tree decorations

Even younger children can make and decorate these Christmas trees. For this you need popsicle sticks, acrylic paints, glue (preferably hot glue) and decorations such as mini pompoms, pipe cleaners and paper stars. If you want to hang the handicrafts on the big Christmas tree, then you need some string for making hangers.

christmas crafts children ideas christmas trees ice cream sticks

Two whole and one shortened popsicle sticks are required for each Christmas tree. The children should first paint them and then glue them to the appropriate triangle shape. Then comes the decoration. There are no limits to creativity. Mini pompons look wonderful as Christmas balls and sparkling garlands can be made with pipe cleaners.

handprint christmas trees felt clothespins tinker idea christmas

The hand and footprints of the little ones are also suitable for Christmas handicrafts with children. From this, snowmen, reindeer and fir trees can be easily and creatively designed. To make a Christmas tree, cut out the child’s handprint from green felt and decorate it with sequins, craft beads and a star made of felt on top. Finally, attach a clothespin to the lower part to tinker with the tree trunk.

Nicholas tinker with children

nicholas tree decorations tinker children christmas

Both for St. Nicholas Day and for Christmas decorations, children can make St. Nicholas from many different materials. We have a few great ideas ready for you. In the first handicraft project, Santa Claus is made from a walnut in a shell, red paper and some cotton wool. That is how it goes:

nicholas tinker christmas children walnut paper wadding

First make the Santa Claus hat out of red paper by cutting out a semicircle, bending it into a cone shape and glueing it. If you are making Santa Claus as a tree ornament, use a small piece of wire to make a hanger and glue it to the top of the hat. Then attach the Santa Claus hat to the walnut and decorate with cotton wool. Finally, shape the beard and face and Santa Claus is ready.

santa claus tinker kids christmas salty dough handprint

You can also use salt dough for Christmas handicrafts with children. This can be used to make original tree decorations that decorate the Christmas tree in a special way. The salt dough recipe is very simple and anyone can try it at home. You can then cut out any shapes from the finished dough or conjure up beautiful handicrafts with the children’s handprints. Santa Claus is very easy to design with a handprint. The thumb simulates the hat and the remaining four fingers simulate the beard.

Christmas handicrafts with children: DIY ideas for reindeer

salty dough tree decorations tinker children christmas

Kindergarten and elementary school children love Rudolf, which is why the little reindeer offers a great idea for Christmas handicrafts with children. To do this, you can again press the child’s hand on the salt dough and after the dough has been baked, paint the handprint as a reindeer. In this case, the fingers simulate the antlers of the renitiere and the palm simulates the face.

reindeer tinker paper door idea children christmas

This idea for handicrafts from Rudolf is child’s play, but it still looks really nice. For this you need a brown paper bag, colored craft paper to cut out the individual features of the face, a stapler and glue. The children can also paint the face with felt-tip pens or acrylic paints if colored paper is not available.

reindeer tinker children clothespins pipe cleaner

Making handicrafts with materials from the household is a lot of fun for children, so we came up with two great ideas with clothespins. With wooden clothespins, red pompoms, googly eyes and brown pipe cleaners, you can, for example, make these cute reindeer with the children and integrate them into the Christmas decorations.

Making snowman with children for Christmas

snowmen tinker children clothespins color wool pompoms

Children also associate snowmen with Christmas and winter and therefore go wonderfully with Christmas handicraft projects. A cute snowman can also be made from a clothespin. To do this, the small tool is first painted white and then decorated like a snowman. Give it a try!

deco garden tinker kids christmas snowman palette

While you don’t spend that much time in the garden in winter, that doesn’t mean the outdoor area doesn’t need Christmas decorations. For example, if there is no snow for Christmas, you can make a snowman with the children from any material and use it to decorate the garden. You can even turn a wooden pallet into a snowman if you paint it appropriately.

Creative ideas for Christmas handicrafts with children

christmas handicrafts children popular motifs lanterns

When doing handicrafts for Christmas with your child, you shouldn’t necessarily follow exact instructions or use special materials. With a little creativity and imagination, great creations can be created from simple everyday things, such as jam jars or wooden spoons. We wish you a lot of fun with the handicrafts for the most popular festival in winter.

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