Chair design by Piegatto – perfect for your interior!

chair design piegatto pipo plywood white beige

These original chairs were specially designed for Piegatto. Each Chair design comes from the designer Alejandro Estrada and impresses, among other things, with its charming, curved and modern shapes. Today we would like to introduce you to three unique models for chairs that are similar in their designs, but still set a very special accent in every interior.

Chair design made of cord

comfort design cord cord orange color estrada

As the name suggests, this chair design is made of cord. This can be selected in orange as well as in bright colors, so that you are sure to find the right model for your facility. Thanks to its S-shape, the chair adapts particularly well to the body and ensures the best possible seating comfort. Imagine it as a deck chair in your reading corner?

Chair design with colored cord in a striped look

color turquoise red cord design chair idea piegatto

Chair design with a strip look

red chair alejandro estrada bar design

This great chair is available in a natural wood color as well as in a striking and attractive red. It is particularly suitable if you are not only looking for comfort, but want to create an eye-catcher in your living room or another room. Its elegant shape invites you to relax!

Chair design for the dining room

dining room furniture chair piegatto wood modern design

If you would like a modern chair design to furnish your new dining room, you can’t go wrong with this model. Like its predecessor, the chair has a curved shape and gives the rest of the furnishings the final, perhaps necessary, modern touch without losing any of its warm appearance.

Chair design “Pipo”

modern chair design alejandro estrada beige plywood

The so-called Pipo chair is basically a combination of chair and armchair. Since it was an important goal to be environmentally conscious during production, two panels of plywood, i.e. recycled wood, were used as the material. These were made into strips that lie close together in the middle and split further and further towards the outside to form the armrests. Water-based paints were used for the coating.

The chair in elegant white

furnishing furniture chair design white plywood

Pipo chair in black

pipo chair design black model pipo piegatto

The chair with striking armrests

chair design alejandro estrada piegatto style modern

Sitting comfort with the chairs by Alejandro Estrada

white chair design afford plywood idea

A design by Alejandro Estrada for Piegatto.