Buy stocks or new furniture? When to invest

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The stock market is alive, but the old furniture looks a bit dead. Some consumers ask themselves whether it is not time to bring a breath of fresh air into their own four walls. In most cases, however, this stops after a coat of paint. Completely turning the design and interior of the apartment inside out requires a certain amount of financial leeway, which not everyone has. Of course, there are also numerous ideas on how something completely alien can suddenly become a piece of furniture in the end. Most people are familiar with the video of how crates of beer are turned into a small swimming pool. Wonderful sleeping landscapes can be created from storage pallets, screws and paint. In addition to imagination, what you need to build yourself is manual skills. For one or the other, a visit to the furniture store is more advisable.

The necessary money for new furniture – loans cheaper than ever

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The fact that the necessary change for new furniture is actually lacking must be in a time of historically low interest rates not be an obstacle to spicing up the apartment. It has seldom been so cheap to set up a new home with someone else’s money. However, the loan offers from furniture stores should be a little skeptical. A look at a loan comparison calculator shows whether the offer from this bank is actually cheaper than a loan from a direct bank over the Internet. But even if the money is available, the question remains whether a loan is not the cheaper solution than paying in cash. Sometimes the return can be higher if the liquidity is invested profitably instead of paying with it. Of course, we cannot speak of overnight money or bonds at the moment. If you want to invest, then in stocks or equity funds. There is an old saying on the market that low interest rates fuel stock prices. The Dax is on a decent level, Experts see further upward movements.

Furniture and depot selection


Who does not know that when looking for new furniture, they march from one supplier to the next? Fortunately, this is not necessary when choosing a depot. Specialist portals such as here show at a glance which banks and online brokers are suitable. Most of the companies are now foregoing custody administration fees, a cost item that can significantly reduce the net return at the end of the year. Not every newcomer wants to invest in individual stocks right away. Index funds, also known as ETFs, offer the ideal start for participating in stock market events. An ETF on the DAX 30 reflects the largest German stock index one to one. The investor does not have to worry about anything, and the DAX has potential.

Compilation of a depot and a new facility


This is particularly interesting for those who feel more confident when choosing furniture and putting together a new facility than when putting together a depot. For beginners, it is important that the costs for custody account management and trading in fund units or securities are as cheap as possible. Real-time prices are initially irrelevant. The details of the securities business can be wonderfully dealt with at a later point in time in the newly furnished apartment. In the medium term, the return from the price increases on the securities is likely to exceed the loan interest. For the furniture buyer, the “as well as” decision to finance and invest turns out to be more profitable than a cash payment.

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