Brilliant furniture design from Smania for your home, office or garden


Brilliant Furniture design by Smania – high quality furniture for the creative interior concept and comfortable interior design. Such collections are a rarity not because there is a lack of furniture manufacturers and designers, but because originality in combination with avant-garde is difficult to achieve these days. The wide range of ideas and furniture designs is good on the one hand, but on the other hand the number of high-quality and really beautiful concepts has significantly decreased. These elegant furniture classics however fascinate with real elegant design.

Furniture design by Smania – products and collections

modern-white-armchair-wooden cabinet-cabinet

The Italian company that offers customers a wide range of furniture, interior design concepts and advice for the perfect interior design. Your products can be described by an original concept, fine fabrics and materials and breathtaking color schemes. That Furniture design by Smania is both environmentally friendly, sustainable and very durable, which saves money and time for renovation. The tasteful collections are thematically divided into three groups – for the office, for home or for the patio.

Furniture design by Smania fascinates with a chic concept

Luxury living room Smania blue armchair

Smania offers fine furniture for all fans of the classic style – and not only that – to match the noble pieces of furniture, interesting sculptures, lamps, mirrors are offered as peculiar decorations. Most of the products are designed in such a way that they can be easily combined with one another and that you can design your own interior design according to your personal taste. Furniture design by Smania offers a modern lifestyle that suits everyone. The comfort that office furniture offers is especially useful for those who have a long day at work. The wooden furniture and the elegant conference rooms are compact and finely designed. The chairs are ergonomic so that everyone feels comfortable.

Timeless finesse and elegance with furniture from Smania

gray bedroom luxury carpet

The ideas for the garden area are eccentric and fascinating too. The Italian company has just launched its last collection, which offers all types of patio furniture for active people. Some furniture is specially designed for large colonial or Victorian style residences, while others are designed for restaurants, art cafes and super cool hotels.

Smania combines luxury and chic


That Furniture design by Smania Deserves our applause for its refined, beautiful and impressive interiors. They are stable, modern but at the same time bear the spirit of a bygone glorious era. The furniture manufacturer develops its projects in close cooperation with its customers and their preferences. The Italian design studio can transform any home and public space, whether it’s an office, garden or living room. The world of Smania is dedicated to the lifestyle and architecture such as Colonial, Victorian, Gothic, or Ancient Greek, even Renaissance. In any case, some elements of the collection are typically minimalist and high-tech. All furniture that your heart desires can be with Smania being found.


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Patio deck chair-blue upholstery

Patio deck chair blue upholstery

Pure luxury – office furniture

Luxury white armchair office furniture

Luxurious bedroom design

Luxury bedroom design

Beige colored sofa set

beige colored sofa set