Box spring bed advantages: The best 5 reasons for the trendy design

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It’s time to discover this sleep trend! The home decor has changed. Trend researchers predicted in the 1980s that we humans would at some point prefer to withdraw into our domestic cocoons. That happened. The home has seldom been as valuable as it is today. Here we feel safe and can develop. We can be completely ourselves, in contrast to the world of work, where we have to function for others. That is why your own four walls are always an expression of personality and are looked after with care.

Natural living is currently very much in vogue. Surrounding yourself with original materials such as wood is beneficial for health and wellbeing. It is similar with one of the big trends in bedroom furniture: box spring beds. For some years now, they have been conquering German relaxation rooms and delighting their users, because they enable a deep sleep and a relaxed wake-up. Here are the main box spring advantages of these typically American and Scandinavian beds.

Box spring bed advantages: They just look good

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It’s not just the inner values ​​that count. An example: even if we know that high heels are bad for our feet, we still prefer to wear them than Birkenstock shoes. Often a great charisma and a good effect do not go together. The box spring bed is different because it combines a great appearance with a positive effect on the body.

The large and massive beds are sophisticated and inviting. They are significantly higher than other sleeping places, so you can immediately see that you can sit comfortably on them, lie down and get up without exerting yourself. Box spring beds often have elaborately designed headboards. These can be covered with fabric, synthetic leather and even real leather, which gives the resident many options for the creative design of the bedroom. A leather-covered bed and a cabinet made of solid wood are a perfect team for all fans of the country house style.

A box spring bed is an acquisition “for eternity” and a statement in the bedroom. In some models, the individual parts can be exchanged and thus always renewed, which increases the service life.

Box spring bed advantages: The design has been extensively tested in hotels

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Originally, this type of bed was used in particularly exclusive hotels, where of course they had to meet a wide range of requirements. Not only do people with very different physiques and sleeping habits have to be happy in these sleeping arrangements, every hotelier naturally expects their interior to be durable and flexible. But why are these overnight camps a reason for many guests to come back again and again, so that you unit volume today it is also booming in private bedrooms?

The secret lies in the suspension, which optimally cushions and supports stomach or side sleepers, light or heavy, large or small sleepers. Most people find box spring beds to be particularly comfortable, especially in comparison to the cold foam mattresses, which are usually used as a sleeping pad in German bedrooms. This brings us straight to the next advantage, namely the unique structure of such a bed.

Box spring bed advantages: The structure and suspension of these beds are unique

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In Germany we have a tradition of laying our sleeping pads directly on a slatted frame. While mattresses with integrated spring core upholstery used to be found in most German beds, they have been replaced by modern mattresses made of cold foam or with different hardness ranges. The structure of a box spring bed is fundamentally different, and this is where the secret can be found. A slatted frame is completely dispensed with in such a bed.

Box spring bed advantages bedroom furnishing decorating ideas

First of all, in the lower part of the bed there is the “box” that gives it its name. It is a box on feet, mostly made of wood, and which encloses the lowest layer of the suspension (“spring”). This area is much more flexible than other slatted bases, which creates a particularly high level of sleeping comfort.

The mattress, which is usually equipped with a pocket spring core, rests on this area. The special thing about this is that this suspension adapts flexibly to the sleeper, because only the springs that are under pressure sink down.

But that’s not all, because there is a third area that beds the sleeper’s body as if on feathers, namely the so-called topper. This thin mattress lies on top, it protects the sleeping pad underneath and provides additional comfort. Toppers are made of different materials such as horsehair or foam and make up the character of these beds.

Getting in and out of these beds is wonderfully easy

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A box spring bed can not only show its qualities to the full when lying down, getting in and out of the bed is also much more comfortable than with other beds. Due to the generous structure of the bed, it is already significantly higher from the start. Most classic beds have an entry height between 30 and 50 centimeters, but box spring beds only start at 50 centimeters and can be significantly higher. This is not only great for people with back problems, older people can also benefit from it.

Box spring bed advantages: The design can be perfectly adapted to your own needs

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You should take enough time to put together your own bed and make sure you have a large selection. Because the possibilities are diverse, so that everyone can put together the right bed for themselves. It starts with the look and the covers, which can be made of fabric or other materials. Of course, there are also different versions of the mattresses, which are differently suitable for typical sleeping habits. Whether you mainly Side, back or stomach sleepers should come up when buying beds. If you buy a box spring bed for the shared bedroom, the mattress can consist of two parts with very different properties. The topper, on the other hand, should be continuous, because otherwise the unpopular visitor crack quickly appears, which can reduce sleeping comfort.

Anyone who has the opportunity to try it out on such a bed should take advantage of it. Because every now and then there is time for something new!

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