Big sofa or a living room landscape?

Big-Sofa-Living Landscape-Model-Arianne

Big sofa vs. living area – which is actually better and what are the advantages / disadvantages of buying it? We take a close look at the question and give you an overview. The models in the photo series are from the renowned Spanish brand Fama – it offers comfortable seating in various dimensions.

Big sofa – advantages and disadvantages at a glance


Big sofas are sofas with a seat depth of 80cm or more. Usually the trendy piece of furniture has a seat depth of 1-1.5 meters. So if you decide to do this, you must above all have enough free space in the living room – and the designers advise you to forego other large pieces of furniture / such as wall shelving systems. Otherwise the room can appear crowded. The Big Sofa is also not exactly suitable for sitting – a lying position is much more comfortable. So if you want to set up a cozy sitting area in front of the TV, you can opt for it.

Big sofa – advantages at a glance – Comfortable piece of furniture that can replace the day bed. Perfect for the reading corner next to the window. Blends in harmoniously with modern living spaces.

Big Sofa – Disadvantages at a glance – Takes up a lot of space, is difficult to transport and therefore more suitable for the living room in the family house and not for the rented apartment.

Big sofa vs. living area – the modular sofa at a glance

Big-sofa-living area-overview-Arianne

The living area, similar to the Big Sofa, takes up a lot of space. The modular piece of furniture also has several advantages – it offers enough seating space for a large family and can be quickly converted if necessary – a stool can be used as a coffee table, for example. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the living area at a glance:

– Advantages – can be converted according to the spatial conditions, offers various design options and sufficient seating for all family members.

– Disadvantages – takes up a lot of space and is very expensive to transport.

Conclusion – Big sofa and living area are basically very similar. While the first piece of furniture is more suitable for young couples without children, the second offers seating for a large family.

Big sofa with removable pillows


Red big sofa in the large living room

Big sofa friends-sit comfortably-MyLoft

Modern big sofa with covers with cool prints

Big sofa colorful-upholstery-seat depth-1-meter-MySoul

Set up a comfortable seating area in the living room

Big-sofa-upholstered furniture-advantages-disadvantages-MySoul

 The living area also offers comfortable reclining options


Modern modular living space


Big sofa sufficient-width-Manacor

Big sofa design-ideas-strawberries-pink-pandore







Big-sofa-neutral-color-living room-home-ideas-Africa






All furniture is from Fama