Besana Italian furniture – wardrobes and wall units


The market changes every day. As one of the largest Italian furniture manufacturers, Besana is always at the forefront with the new trends, but he keeps the traditions alive and preserves good sense of style that has evolved over the centuries. The company approaches the new possibilities thoughtfully and artistically, without leaving the past behind. Besana Italian furniture did not maintain its reputation overnight. This company has a very rich history and therefore knows the importance of developing in order to meet the ever changing needs of the market.

Italian furniture by Besana – “Time” bookcase


Besana was founded in 1903 by Mariano Comense. As soon as it was founded, the company began to grow rapidly thanks to its absolute professionalism and innovation. Although following the new trends, Besana knows how to bring Italian furniture into the future without letting go of the past. Thanks to its tradition and decades of experience, Besana is one of the most renowned companies not only in Italy but all over the world. One of the unique features of the company is the very careful selection of materials and, above all, its strong position on ecology. Regardless of the technical development, the company has always implemented new technologies and surprises the experts with various unusual pieces of furniture such as beds, chairs, tables, accessories, wardrobes and bookcases. The company produces Italian furniture like works of art. Today some of their most beautiful and modern pieces of furniture are the wardrobes and wall units.

Besana Italian furniture – modern cabinet mirror


Besana have conquered markets in different countries and received nothing but admiration and astonishment. Unlike many other companies, this amazing Italian furniture maker improves their Italian furniture over time. It is very rare for a company to change its products to suit its current clientele. This just goes to show how creative and open-minded Besana is.

modern wall unit by Besana

Italian-furniture-Besana-wall unit-living room


Bookshelf as a room divider


Melica – cloakroom with cabinet mirror


Glossy cloakroom with lights


brezza high gloss white wardrobe





street-wardrobe-Italian-furniture-Besana  Italian-furniture-Besana-wardrobe-white-velvet