Beech sideboard – 10 impressive furniture designs

Oak tree sideboard ideas

Beech wood is one of the most widespread types of wood in Europe and it is not without reason that it is so popular. For one, it’s even more massive than oak. Depending on the age, the wood can have a different color, ranging from yellowish to pink to brown-red. But all the nuances have one thing in common: They create a cozy, warm atmosphere in the room. Although beech wood is a solid and tough material, it is still elastic and solid, which makes this wood perfect for making home furniture. It is often used for parquet, stairs or veneers. In this article we would like to introduce you to a modern piece of furniture made from this wood.

Beech sideboard in various designs

Beech-wood sideboard with metal handles

That is what is meant Beech sideboard, which in its color, pattern and design, as well as the functional storage space, can easily surpass all other types of cabinets. Whether in a modern style in combination with metal as accents or in a simple, minimalist style without handles and with a push system – the variants are endless. In the following we have put together a few great examples of the beech sideboard for you to show you how diverse the designs are. Let yourself be impressed by the original and practical designs and get your own beech sideboard to complete your interior.

“Fidar” beech sideboard

Jose Pascal sideboard ideas

This original piece of furniture is a design by José Pascal. It consists of three drawers as well as a cabinet part with sliding doors, which are offered in different color combinations. It is particularly showcased by the four cabinet legs. The sideboard is also available made of oak.

 Sideboard “Elea II” with many drawers


Despite the simple design, this is a great model, which is given an effective and elegant accent due to the middle, white drawers. The impressive design is supported by the missing handles. The drawers can be opened using an innovative push-button system.

DIVA Iowboard from Holzmanufaktur


You get a simple yet very elegant and effective design with this beech sideboard. Although it only consists of one compartment, it has sufficient storage space.

 DIVA sideboard from Holzmanufaktur


Just as impressive and with a few more compartments and cupboards is this model from the same manufacturer. It is also made of solid beech and can also be ordered from other types of wood.

 AK 1300

AK-1300 design made of beech

Would you like a beech sideboard that is different in shape from all the others? Then what do you think of the oval shape of this model? It was designed by Nissen and Gehl and it is a combination of wood and metal. In addition to beech wood, the sideboard is made of four other types of wood.

“Brio” sideboard


With this modern beech sideboard, you can choose between no less than 28 colors. The wonderful design comes from Sacha Lakic and is suitable for any modern home furnishings. Get more storage space in style.

Cubus sideboard made of beech


Another sideboard of the highest quality is “Cubus”. Different compartments, drawers and cabinet parts with sliding doors, which can also be combined with one another, are possible. The model is ideal to expand your interior in a stylish way.

 Sideboard “Edmund” by Nhoma


The motto for this impressive beech sideboard is simple and minimalist. The design ensures a tidy and tidy look in every room. The three large drawers make the sideboard perfect for the bedroom instead of a dresser.

 “ENNA” sideboard made of beech wood

Enna sideboard made of beech

The beech wood of this model adds a great ambience to the room. You can order it with or without metal feet. The many compartments make it perfect for the kitchen. For example, you can store the fine crockery in it, which is only taken out of the closet for the holidays and on special occasions.

Punxa sideboard

Punxa sideboard made of wood

Are you looking for an extravagant design for your beech sideboard? How about this modern model made of interesting shapes and a color accent in green. This guarantees that the sideboard will not go unnoticed. Spice up your living area!