Bed and sofa in one – an Orwell project by Goula Figuera


Goula Figuera integrated Bed and sofa with sleeping cabin in one and designs one Orwell Project. All photos are kindly provided by Goula Figuera. Hybrid projects offer alternative design and design of individual pieces of furniture. We encounter unexpected shapes, interactions of different kinds, and scientific advances. When it comes to an Orwell piece of furniture, it is a combination of bed, sofa and sleeping cabin in one, which also has several advantages.

Bed and sofa in one – an Orwell project

goula-figuera-books-apple-writing set-laptop-pillow-wooden frame

The name Orwell from that Bed and sofa refers to the family name of the author of “1984” and the original idea for the design of the piece of furniture is originally guided by the need for peace and privacy, which we sometimes miss so much in our own four walls. The design invites you into a cozy interior and revives memories of childhood and the hidden hut, cabin or tree house made of wood. All this hidden, own world where the children always wish to remain unobserved, to be left in peace. The heavy quilted curtains insulate against noise and the size of this piece of furniture allows everyone to lie down and / or sit on it.

 Large capacity bed and sofa


Since there is a Bed and sofa All in all, this designer piece of furniture offers enough space to relax, read, place a laptop or several books, etc. The construction gives you the opportunity to find the desired solitude in your own home again and again. The upholstery can be removed and rebuilt again and again. We will show you this great piece of furniture and the sketch of it at the beginning of the project.


 Activities of being alone, enjoying the peace and quiet at home to the full


The gray tones are combined with a wooden frame


Whether for a nap or for sleeping, it’s up to you


The project at the beginning and the sketch