Baroque furniture from Boca do Lobo – the spectacular Versailles sofa

Baroque interior of Boca do Lobo versailles sofa

Boca do Lobo is a company dedicated to luxury furnishings and Baroque furniture, whose main goal is to promote the emotional and soulful experience. It is actually like that, which also appeals to and impresses many Boca do Lobo customers. The furniture designers have the ability to combine different elements in a way that evokes emotion in the audience. With their experience and dedication to art, they create beautiful ones Baroque furniture, which creates the impression of splendor and shows how much the designers love their work.

Baroque furniture from Boca do Lobo – Versailles sofa

Baroque furniture versailles sofa on the left side

The designers of the Baroque furniture have created a particularly interesting specimen. The Versailles sofa carries with it the spirit of the 17th century, when royalty and splendor ruled the French court. The sofa reflects the atmosphere of Versailles without the limitations and rudeness of the Middle Ages and opens the way for freedom and the need for extravagant creations.

The baroque furniture – between design and art

Furniture versailles sofa back left

No detail in the sofa is neglected. Every element of the Baroque furniture stands on the border between design and art, as the sculpture figures of the piece of furniture have an antique value and lead us through a journey through time that arouses a wide range of emotions. The mix of marble and velvet goes well with the cold blue color of the upholstery, and the choice for the white color for the rest of the sofa conjures up similar associations. The predominant feeling brings magnificence, beauty, exclusivity and style.

The Versailles sofa is available to potential customers for the price of 17,300 EUR.

The Versailles sofa by Boca do Lobo – front

Furniture versailles sofa front design

The Versailles sofa in baroque style

Baroque furniture versailles sofa rear right

The Versailles sofa – baroque elements on the right

Baroque furniture versailles sofa element right

Baroque style mirror from Boca do Lobo

Baroque furnishings Boca do Lobo wall mirror elegant

Boca do Lobo dining table with modern and baroque elements

Baroque furnishing from Boca do Lobo table modern

Baroque decoration mixed with modern details

Furniture from Boca do Lobo dining table baroque detail

Drawers in brown and black from Boca do Lobo

Furniture Boca do Lobo drawers

Console table in baroque style

Baroque furniture from Boca do Lobo console table

Boca do Lobo chest of drawers with baroque decoration

Baroque furniture Boca do Lobo chest of drawers

White buffet from Boca do Lobo

Furniture from Boca do Lobo buffet design