Bar stools made of wood – 20 great examples provide inspiration


When planning your kitchen setup, you might want to consider a kitchen counter. This has several advantages. If, for example, you do not always want to go to the dining room for a snack in between, the kitchen counter is very suitable, because you can eat right there on site. Or if your kitchen is small and doesn’t have space for an additional table, you can install a counter instead, which not only saves space, but can also be used to prepare dishes. It is also practical that your partner, child or guest can keep you company while you cook by sitting at the counter.

Wooden bar stool in various designs


Of course, this also requires the right bar stools. These can be made of wood to match the kitchen furnishings. A Wooden bar stool creates a warm and cozy atmosphere. The material offers the possibility of a wide variety of original, elegant, rustic or classic designs, which we will show you in this article. We have prepared a selection of interesting bar stools. Choose the right model for the wooden bar stool or let the examples inspire you. In this way, you can also have the stool specially made.

STEP bar stool made of wood

Step-by-vitamin design

This geometric and modern bar stool made of wood in a minimalist style is a design by vitamin design. The solid wood guarantees stability and seating comfort. The bar stool can also be combined with seat cushions.

 Bar stool MORPH BAR


This model impresses with its rounded edges and shapes. It is the perfect seat for a modern home.

 The wooden block bar stool

Wooden block bar stool

This luxurious wooden bar stool impresses with its extravagant design. The foot consists of a block of wood and is connected to the seat with metal rods. The block of wood also serves to place the legs. The size can be selected individually on request.

“Ball” bar stool

Ball design bar stool

This extremely original design for a wooden bar stool comes from Pols Potten. Even if it doesn’t seem like it, sitting on this stool is comfortable and it also offers space for your feet. It is very suitable for a rustic style interior.

“Cherner” bar stool made of wood

Cherner bar stool made of wood in a dark version

The stool has a wonderful pattern that makes the wood even more appealing. The design is also worth mentioning. Its slim shapes make the stool an elegant piece of furniture that makes it perfect for the modern kitchen.

Gubi 3D 

Gubi 3D chair bar stool

This bar stool is available in oak, walnut or black lacquered beech and the seat shell is also different. Choose them in peach or natural for a warm atmosphere or all in black for an elegant style.

 “Spin” wooden bar stool

Spin bar stool with upholstered seat

There is something cheeky and at the same time elegant about this design. It comes from Staffan Holm. The stool is available in different colors and with a fabric cover on request and yet somehow reminds of the retro style, you don’t think so?

 “Katakana” bar stool

Bar stool katakana

This wooden bar stool is a design by Sean Dare. The armrests are effective and original. The leather cushions on the seat and on the backrest ensure greater seating comfort. The wood itself consists of a very pleasant and warm color that creates a cozy atmosphere.

 “Otto” bar stool

Otto bar stool design

A simple design that is perfect for the modern kitchen or bar. In addition, the stool is very light and can therefore be easily moved. The wooden bar stool was designed by Szikszai László and guarantees maximum seating comfort.

“Animalia” bar stool

Animalia bar stool for nature's sake

The designer Nigel Coates chose organic shapes for the bar stool as well as for the other models in the collection. He got the inspiration for this from nature. But even without this knowledge, the resemblance of the stool to deer antlers can be seen quickly. So if you love nature as much and want a design that is different from all others, this wooden bar stool is the right choice.

 “Barstool 02” bar stool


A design that is truly effective and eye-catching. The stool was designed by Matej Chabera. The apparently simple design ensures a comfortable sitting experience. To avoid slipping, the stool has rubber feet. A table to match the stool is also available in the same style if you are looking for a bar. But the chairs are sufficient for the kitchen.

 Wooden bar stool by ecWorld Enterprises Inc.

Indonesian design bar stool

The impressive thing about this wooden bar stool is that it is hand carved. Its wonderful, soft shapes and the design as a whole transform it into a real gem. It will give your kitchen or bar a perfect ambience.

 “LumBar Stool”

Lumbar-chair-bar-stool-made of wood

Sitting on this wooden bar stool seems like a daring proposition, because the interesting design doesn’t seem very trustworthy at first glance. However, once you have overcome your fear, you will be amazed at the comfort. The British designer James Douglas was inspired by nature and especially by the mushroom rocks, which have a very similar shape.

 “ST10 JEAN” from E15


The stool is made of oak veneer and is available in different colors. Its simple shapes are reminiscent of the popular Scandinavian style. Set a great accent in your apartment with these original bar stools.

 “Nerd” bar stool by Muuto Nerd-barchocker-by-Muuto This interesting wooden bar stool was created in a competition that the designer and student David Geckeler won with this design. It is a modern variant of the Scandinavian furniture style. So if you are into the furnishing style of the northern states, this stool is the right choice.  “Wave” bar stool Bar stool Wave made of wood This wooden bar stool has a modern style thanks to the metal details on the wooden seat. The frame is chrome-plated and adjustable in height. The seat, in turn, is made of different types of wood.  Wooden bar stool DELLA dELLA bar stool desgn wood This model represents a more classic variant that is without a doubt timeless. Thanks to the light, cream-colored upholstery, seating comfort is guaranteed and a classy look is achieved. The wooden frame also looks classy.  SCIZA stool Bar chair Szisa model This interesting wooden bar stool by the designer Takashi Kirimoto is simple and elegant. More precisely, it is made of beech wood and is available in two different heights. You also have the option of choosing the color.  NY11 bar stool made of wood NY11-bar-stool-made-of-wood This solid wood stool is the work of designers Knut Bendik Humlevik and Rune Krøjgaard. You can get it either in natural wood color or in black. The timeless elegance is due to the Scandinavian style. Bring liveliness to your kitchen or bar with this sturdy chair.  Grable stool grable stool design piece Solid wood forms this bar stool. The crossbars, which can also serve as footrests, add a splash of color. The stool is effective and minimalist. A perfect choice!