Bamboo Furniture Design & Deco – Siam Collection by Sicis

bamboo furniture design light blue chairs ebony elegant wall design gold accent

Bamboo wood is popular because it is not only hard-wearing, but also provides an exotic flair in the form of furniture and accessories. Sicis has now found a way to offer this look in a different way. To this end, the company uses luxurious materials such as leather and ebony for the furniture, which are then combined with accents that look like bamboo sticks. These unique pieces with Bamboo furniture design come from the Siam collection and give every room not only exoticism, but also a unique elegance.

Bamboo Furniture Design – Siam Collection

bamboo furniture design console gold look metal gray tiles wall original

This bamboo furniture design is a perfect choice for a variety of reasons. Bamboo stands for inner strength and the elegant side in us. On the other hand, it symbolizes the flexibility with which we should approach everyday life without disturbing the balance and harmony of the rules of life. All of these porous properties can also have an impact on the energy in living spaces. We would like to introduce you to the different models with bamboo furniture design from the Siam collection in this article. Let yourself be positively influenced by the power and symbolism of bamboo.

Bamboo furniture design for the dining room

furniture bamboo design pendant lamp dining room furnishing dining table chairs

The Siam collection includes various pieces of furniture such as a glass table, a buffet, armchairs, chairs and stools, a console and a coffee table in rectangular and round shapes. These models with bamboo furniture design are extremely decorative in themselves. Despite this, the collection also offers other accessories that give the interior the finishing touch. This includes a pendant lamp, a floor lamp and a table lamp. If you furnish your interior with all the models with bamboo furniture design, you can count on a unique atmosphere that will impress every guest. For this reason, the furniture and lamps are also wonderfully suitable for public areas such as restaurants.

The bamboo design for restaturants

furniture bamboo design sicis pendant lights idea restaurant interior

 Fine furniture materials

furniture bamboo design siam collection furnishing exotic dining room

 Bamboo chandelier

furniture bamboo design chandelier idea dining table wood noble materials leather

Collection of Sicis.