Arranging baroque furniture in a modern way – 55 attractive ideas and tips


Neo Baroque is the modernized interpretation and quotation of the well-known formal language from the 17th century. Modern finishes – using contemporary technologies and materials, are arranged in new ways. Baroque furniture find their place in modern room design and can be stylishly combined with a minimalist touch. Baroque goes beyond the stereotype for kitsch and tasteless luxury in gold. Designers transform the classic playful carved details and color schemes to create attractive living spaces.

Arranging baroque furniture in a modern way – ideas for every room


The design for one of the most famous design classics of all time – Proust armchair, dates back to 1978 and belongs to the Italian designer Alessandro Mendini, later produced by the Alchimia studio. The piece of furniture design refers on one side to an armchair in the French Neo Baroque style from the 18th century and on the other to a fabric pattern interpreting the paintings by the pointillist Paul Signac. The result was an object, all parts of which were painted over with dots of colored brushes. The designer combines two classic art movements – impressionism and baroque – and questions design qualities.

Baroque furniture – armchairs design classics


Designers set accents with individual pieces of furniture in the Baroque style and thereby direct attention to the exact point in the room. Interiors with details made of stucco, classic ceilings and walls can be beautifully designed with an individual character, minimalist and elegant. The color concept plays an important role – classic, noble colors and nuances are recommended – timeless modern black and white, neutral tones and pastel colors, petrol and aubergine colors, red and bright mustard yellow.

Baroque furniture – Proust armchair by Alessandro Mendini


Just put a piece of furniture in the baroque style in the limelight and let it shine. Optionally, you can design a furniture group in this style, then the rest of the room should be furnished in a completely reduced way.

Baroque furniture with an individual character


Baroque armchair in bright colors – Proust


Baroque furniture and designer pieces by Marcel Wanders


A famous designer is known for his unconventional combination – the extravagant meeting point of classic and modern. Marcel Wanders designs décor and furniture with an unmistakable character and individuality – a mix of baroque design language and puristic clarity. It may sound impossible, but it is and also looks breathtakingly stylish.

Baroque mirror “Paris”


It creates a homogeneous overall picture, far from kitsch. The interiors are often resolved in monochrome colors, with great attention to detail. Magnificently designed wallpaper with a baroque pattern is combined with monochrome furniture without decorations, large reflective surfaces, absent decoration.

Arrange modern baroque furniture in style – make-up dresser

barock-design-marcel-wanders-mirror-large-round-white-make-up table-armchair

Marcel Wanders Design offers a wide range of products and since 2015 some carpets with a pattern he designed have been available at Moooi.

Baroque wallpaper in black and white with a modern touch 


Baroque furniture and textile tapestries by top designer Marcel Wanders 

baroque-design-marcel-wanders-bedroom-black-white-headboard-wallpaper-stucco ceiling

Upholstered headboard of the bed in white and gold with baroque patterns


Baroque patterns for carpets, upholstery fabrics and wallpaper by Marcel Wanders



Baroque furniture and accents interpreted in a modern way – Neo Baroque


Modern touch with Proust armchair in matt black and monochrome room design


Baroque furniture in white nuances with a vintage touch

baroque-furniture-modern-vintage-white-canape-stucco table

Harmonious room design in light pastel colors 

baroque-furniture-modern - white-pastel-colored-crystal chandelier-mirror-table

Baroque furniture in color and golden details 

baroque-furniture-modern-chandelier-wing chair-curtains-gold-fringes

Couches with satin upholstery in purple and modern indirect LED lighting


Neo baroque furniture with golden elements and mustard yellow walls

baroque-furniture-modern - yellow-sofa-mirror-stucco-carving-deco

Stucco ceiling and reflective baroque wall design 

baroque-furniture-modern - parquet-floor-ceiling-white-stucco-chandelier-daybed

Modern furniture in the room in baroque style design


Magnificent baroque wallpaper in black and gold


Elegant living room with baroque elements and reflective surfaces

baroque-furniture-modern - turquoise-cream-white-carpet-pattern-table-reflective

Baroque furniture in a stylish mix of living styles 


Baroque furniture – sofa with modern upholstery in gray and neon green

baroque-furniture-modern - sofa-gray-neon-green-akyente-library wall

Neo baroque sofa with gold accents and cushions made of velvet in pink and turquoise


Baroque armchair upholstered with modern patterned fabrics

baroque-armchair-furniture-modern-white-upholstered chairs-console table-table lamp-dressing table

Baroque armchairs and splendid seating furniture – ideas and inspiration

baroque-armchair-furniture-modern-wing-armchair-purple-white-chandelier-filigree-coffee table


baroque-furniture-modern-armchair-posletr-velvet-silver-tufted-wing armchair


baroque-furniture-modern - schwary-wall paint-fireplace-antique-designer-lamp-arco

baroque-furniture-modern-mirror-gold-black-wall paint-leather couch

baroque-furniture-modern - black-white-aubergine-silver-reflective-surface


Baroque furniture – Louis XIV style chairs with modern upholstery

baroque-furniture-modern-crystal-chandelier-upholstered chairs-teppih-couch

baroque-furniture-modern-dining-table-chairs-Louis XVI-style-pictures

Baroque furniture arranged in a modern way – design ideas and inspiration


Baroque furniture in a modern interior

baroque-furniture-modern-chest of drawers-antique-mirror-flowers-decoration-hallway

Baroque furniture – Louis XIV style chest of drawers in gold

baroque-furniture-modern-chest of drawers-mirror-gold-wall-paint-black-decoration


Neo Baroque furniture with a mirrored surface

baroque-furniture-modern-chest of drawers-make-up table-mirror-reflective-silver-white-mother-of-pearl

Modern baroque furniture for the bedroom

Baroque furniture -bedroom-modern-bed-silver-white-gray-monochrome-chandelier-crystal

Baroque furniture -bedroom-modern-white-yellow-velvet-upholstered-canopy bed

Baroque furniture -bedroom-modern-white-gold-pink-carpet-pattern-picture

Baroque furniture -bedroom-modern-white-fireplace-open-terracotta-floor

Baroque furniture -modern-pastel-colors-pink-gray-bed-decoration-showroom

Stylish baroque furniture for the bathroom

Baroque furniture -modern-vanity-bathroom-white-black-mirror-wallpaper

Elegant interior – gray and white walls and ceiling with lots of stucco

Baroque furniture -modern - staircase-stucco-crystal-chandelier-white-staircase