7 practical ideas for furniture for small spaces


The living space is getting less and less, and the challenge is fitting Furniture for small spaces to find, getting bigger. So that even a small room has not only comfortable, but also good-looking furnishings, the decision is only one – transforming furniture. In many cases, they play an important role in design and have a dual role that creates unexpected opportunities.

Furniture for small spaces offers endless possibilities


the Furniture for small spaces give the opportunity to design an entire apartment in one room. A counter, desk, chair with adjustable height, two bar stools, bookshelf and bed are located in a small box 80cm X 120cm. Two people can pick it up and carry it for 10 minutes. Tools for construction are not necessary. This offer from Casulo needs no other introduction. In the spirit of Casulo, the offer from Kenchikukagu ​​is that an entire shiny apartment fits into three small boxes. Unfortunately, this design isn’t exactly cheap – it’s priced at $ 7,600.

Furniture for small spaces – practical and innovative


A whole apartment on a total floor space of 43 square meters, similar to a Matroshka – that is what Matroshka Compact has to offer. The innovative idea is actually based on the same principle as the Matroshka dolls. The system of Furniture for small spaces includes corner sofa, double bed, table, four chairs and a cabinet, wardrobe and a shelving system. Matroshka is truly a dream come true – a compact living area spanning the modest 43 square meters.

Intelligent designer furniture for small spaces


Anyone who has ever been to Japan knows the small apartments and the limited living space – which of course means the need for intelligent designers Furniture for small spaces increases. The Japanese designer Naho Matsuno created an ingenious construction for a modern dining room that fits in a small box. It’s time for dinner – so take the cube out and once the party’s over you can leave it aside again. You can also use the structure as an improvised bench.

Space-saving design – furniture for small spaces

Portal space saving bed design

Most beds require a certain amount of free space – but not this bed. It is hung from the ceiling and saves space for the furniture that you normally need during the day. There is even the option of integrating lighting for a specific group of furniture. The furniture offers different tricks for compact facilities.

By B. Angelov

 Pavone – table and chair in one design

Pavone table chair design

Naho Mazzuno and his interesting puzzle chairs


Space-saving office furniture – Offi Packet

Offi-Packet table cabinet