35 hanging chairs with frame – practical for indoors and outdoors

Hanging chair with frame inside-white-rattan-living room-fireplace-wall installation

A Hanging chair with frame is a popular piece of furniture not only for outdoors, but also for indoors. Its advantage is that you can place it as you wish, especially if you don’t have any hanging options. The swinging seating furniture is a little lower and you can easily sit down and stand up. Find out more about the hanging chair racks in the following article.

Hanging chair with frame for inside

Hanging chair with frame inside bedroom bubble chair

Hanging chairs come in many different designs and made of different materials. The most popular choices for the seat are rattan, synthetic wicker, and acrylic. For a stable frame, metal is preferred over wood. Wood looks natural and noble, but is much heavier and not so easy to move back and forth. What should actually be the advantage of the frame. For this reason, many choose a metal frame made of aluminum or steel that can be assembled and disassembled in a few minutes. A soft cushion is also a must for the hanging chair and not only provides more comfort, but can also bring color.

Iconic hanging chair with frame – The Bubble Chair by Eero Aarnios

Hanging chair with frame inside-living room-white-bubble-chair

The Bubble Chair, which was designed by Eero Aarnios in 1968, is a real design classic and remains popular again and again. The hemispherical seat made of acrylic hangs on a stainless steel frame. Leather upholstery inside the hemisphere provides more comfort.

white hanging chair with black frame in the bedroom

hanging chair-frame-inside-bedroom-white-double bed

Indoors, hanging chairs are usually placed in the bedroom and children’s room. This is because the hanging chair is designed to relax and have fun. Check out the great examples of indoor and outdoor hanging chairs!

Bubble chair with metal frame


Concept Suspendu by William Lalasseux

hanging chair-frame-interior-wood-armchair-metal-frame-Concept-Suspendu-William-Lelasseux

Wooden hanging chair with metal frame

Hanging armchair-frame-metal-wood-chair-Concept-Suspendu-William Lelasseux

Rattan hanging chair in black on the terrace

hanging chair-frame-terrace-black-aluminum-frame-blue-seat cushion

Living room in warm colors like brown and orange


white hanging chair made of synthetic weave in the living room

Hanging chair-frame-inside-white-artificial weave-blue-seat cushion

Hanging chair with a teardrop shape


natural basket hanging chair

hanging chair-frame-inside-rattan-natural-black-frame-living room

Bubble chair in the bedroom and children’s room


classic and modern furnishings

hanging chair-frame-interior-living-room-classic-modern

Hanging chair in the garden

Hanging chair-frame-outside-white-metal-frame-frame-gray-seat cushion

perfectly matched with the garden furniture

hanging chair-frame-outside-white-corner-terrace-blue-seat cushion


hanging chair-frame-outside-terrace-black-beige-seat cushions

hanging chair-frame-outside-terrace-black-Altea-Varaschin

Hanging chair-frame-outside-terrace-rattan-artificial wicker-yellow-cushion

hanging chair-frame-outside-terrace-balcony-white-drop shape

hanging chair-frame-outside-black-round-terrace

hanging chair-frame-outside-rattan-beige-metal-frame-terrace-walace-sacks

Hanging chair-frame-outside-black-metal-frame-brown-synthetic wickerwork


hanging chair-frame-outside-wood-round-blue-seat-cushions

Hanging chair-frame-outdoor-garden-metal-artificial-wicker-brown-seat-cushion

Hanging chair-frame-outdoor-garden-wood-frame-round-metal-frame

hanging chair-frame-outdoor-garden-brown-black-metal-frame

Hanging chair-frame-outside-brown-aluminum-frame-synthetic weave