28 designer armchairs perfect for the fireplace area or a cigar lounge


Many living rooms have beautiful fireplaces. The fireplace provides appealing romance and cozy warmth and can also save you heating costs. But what would a fireplace be without a fireside chair in which you can make yourself comfortable on the dreary winter days. After all, relaxation furniture should not only increase living comfort, but also beautify your living room and direct your gaze to the corner of the fireplace. If you want to furnish your living room in a colonial style, in a classic country house style or in a retro design, then you can find the perfect designer armchair for your fireplace area in our exclusive selection.

Designer armchair for wellbeing and comfort

Classic-fireside chair-armrests-upholstered-tanned-leather-BRIGITTE-Ulivi-Salotti

Many historical influences are visible in the designs shown. Whether made of solid wood or metal, with leather or upholstery, this furniture conveys an unforgettable aura of relaxation and security and represents a place to feel good in a traditional environment.

On pictures 1 and 2: Brigitte armchair by Ulivi Salotti

An armchair with capitone quilting gives the interior a noble touch


The living room design is heavily dependent on the size of the room. A versatile piece of relaxation furniture with a solid frame that dominates the room is therefore suitable for living rooms where there is a lot of space. If the fireplace corner is quite small, you should of course not opt ​​for a large, bulky designer armchair.

Relaxation furniture such as armchairs made of leather and designer loungers are required in every sophisticated ambience. Noble furniture in a charming design ensures a comfortable sitting feeling in an English men’s club or a Cuban cigar lounge. The robust upholstery not only guarantees top-class comfort, but also visual enjoyment.

On the picture: Aston armchair by Italy Dream Design 

Generous seating for a cozy fireplace area


Hug armchair by MY home collection, Andrea Radice & Folco Orlandini Design Studio

This armchair with removable leather cover invites you to chat, read and chill in the evening in front of the wonderful flames in the fireplace.

Imposing armchair to relax

Designer-armchair-fireplace area-upholstered-solid wood-armchair-ELETTRA-DAY-Armchair-Cantiero

Designer armchair Elettra Day by Cantiero

This is a piece of furniture with a modern design language that will make you a lot of friends for a long time.

Well-tried high-back armchair


Classic armchair 12345 by Modenese Gastone group

Designer armchairs in a classic style are not only suitable for large living rooms, but also for luxurious foyers, halls and corridors.

Colonial style fireside chair

Designer armchair-fireplace area-fine-cowhide-cover-brown-red-ottoman-GOLDLINE-Caroti

Goldline relax armchair by Carotid

With its ergonomic backrest, the fireside chair ensures a pain-free back and pleasant hours in front of the fireplace.

Elegant, shiny leather cover

classic-designer-armchair-fireplace area-Bergere-artificial leather-GLAMOR-Gotha-Luxury-Italian-Style

Luxury armchair GLAMOR by Gotha Luxury Italian Style

Designer armchair invites you to feel good

Fireplace area-Seating furniture-Armchairs-Wooden frame-Retro-Design-PANAMA-Porada

Retro-chic armchair Panama by Porada

Designer armchair for the cigar lounge


Ginny leather armchair by Ulivi Salotti

Designer-armchair-fireplace area-rustic-upholstered-tanned-leather-black-DOS-LUNAS-Ulivi-Salotti

Dos Lunas leather armchair by Ulivi Salotti

Designer armchair-cigar lounge-fireplace area-leather cover-light brown-MELANIE-Ulivi-Salotti

Club armchair Melanie by Ulivi Salotti


Club armchair Dorothy by Ulivi Salotti

Armchair-upholstered-leather cover-increased-comfort-MR-FLOYD-Bodema

Mr. Floyd armchair by Bodema

Club armchair-brown-leather cover-armrests-GASTON-Fratelli-Boffi-furniture-cigar lounge

GASTON high-back armchair by Fratelli Boffi

Designer armchair-massive-classic-style-upholstered-MIRÒ-Arredoclassic

Round armchair MIRÒ by Arredoclassic

massive-fireside chair-armchair-upholstery-armrests-OPERÀ-Mantellassi-1926

Classic armchair OPERÀ by Mantellassi 1926

Club armchair-high backrest-brown leather-CLUB-grange-armchair-vintage-birch wood-velor

Retro armchair CLUB by Grange

Designer armchair-Scandinavian-Lounger-Fireplace area-tubular steel frame-PP225-THE-FLAG-HALYARD-CHAIR-PP-Møbler

Lounger The Flag Halyard Chair by PP-Møbler


ESTER club chair by Klab design and Stefano Bettio


Lounge chair Grandtour Silk by Zanotta

Imposing-armchair-to-relax-upholstered-leather cover-removable-TRACO-D3CO-Barzaghi-Danilo-Paolo-Cappello

Club armchair Traco D3CO by Barzaghi Danilo 


Lounger Superleggera by B-LINE, designed by Joe Colombo (1965)

Retro-designer-armchair-armrests-BETIBÙ-wooden frame-upholstered-CHAIRS- & amp; -MORE

Retro armchair Betibù by Chairs & More

Seating-cozy-fireplace area-armchair-recliner-Saphira-Leolux-Joachim-Nees

Saphira wing chair by Leolux, designed by Joachim Nees

black-designer-armchair-colonial style-fireplace area-leather upholstery-KLOSE-Capital-Collection-Atmosphera

KLOSE club chair by Capital Collection


Fold outdoor armchair by Royal Botania, designed by Frank Boschman


Victoria armchair by Nobilis