24 design armchairs and armchairs with a retro look

Design armchair hug-brown-leather-cover-living room-modern-interior

Anyone who stays longer in the living room at home and likes to stay longer needs a good armchair. Ideally, this is ergonomically shaped and visually attractive and forms the focal point in the living room. Here you will find 24 suggestions for high-quality design armchairs and armchairs on which you can sit comfortably. The special thing about these chairs are their shapes, which are usually very nostalgic but sophisticated.

Design armchairs for a trendy interior

Design armchair soft-upholstered-Hug-My-home-collection-living room-furniture-cozy-fabrics

These designer armchairs with a pronounced retro character make your living area inviting and provide the necessary cosiness. Some of them are true works of art that can decorate your home. Her eye-catching and unique look was very innovative for her time. A living room mix of designer chairs and armchairs is another interesting design variant.

In the above two pictures the Hug armchair is from My home collection to see a work by Andrea Radice & Folco Orlandini with a soft comfort pad.

Lounge-armchair-with-footrest-ergonomic-armchair-design-Almora-B & amp; B-Italia

Almora Lounger by B.&B Italia in a shiny retro design

A lounge chair is particularly comfortable if it is also provided with a stool, where you can really put your feet up and relax. You get this comfort with the Almora Lounger, which also has an attractive look made of leather and with modern shapes.

Upholstered-armchair-low-armrests-Isotta-Klab-Design-coffee table-round-metal

Isotta armchair by Klab design

Isotta by Klab Design is partly classic, partly modern. While the seat, backrest and pattern are reminiscent of the classic armchair design, the modern armrests bear witness to the trends of the new millennium.


 Upholstered chair with characteristic curved backrest by Cavour Poltrona Frau


Helsinki study armchair by Nikari

Retro armchair-club armchair-leather-upholstery-color-gray-beige-Guscio-Alto-Flexiform

Lounge chair Guscio Alto by Flexform

retro-armchair-Cordoba-armrests-wooden frame-dark-lacquered-green-seat-design-TON

Armchair Cordoba by VOLUME

Living room-armchair-wooden frame-legs-upholstery fabric-seat cover-mustard yellow-DOWEL-TON


Living room-retro-design-armchair-upholstered-KART-Capital-Collection-Atmosphera

KART upholstered armchair by Capital Collection, Atmosphera

Living room-armchair-gray-seat-cover-with-integrated-side-table-My-Giorgetti

My upholstered armchair by Giorgetti, designed by Rossella Pugliatti 


Alpha from Neutra by VS

Armchair-wooden legs-quilted-seat-upholstery-caramel-color-palma-of-offecct

Lounge chair Palma by Offecct

Armchair-wooden frame-lacquered-EASY-Mambo-unusual-living room-furniture

Lounge chair EASY by Mambo 

Armchair-with-headrest-upholstery-soft-fabric-cover-metal frame-goia-Belta



Hexa from Contempo Italia

High-armchair-with-armrests-gray-upholstered seat-backrest-wooden frame-INKA-Billiani

INKA from Billiani


KEON from Atmosphera


Rocking chair with armrests Move by Giorgetti

Lounge-armchair-high-back armchair-upholstered-Ladle-Lounge-Chairs-Luca-Nichetto-Arflex

Ladle lounge chair by Arflex

Armchair-with-retro-design-metal frame-CROIX-I-Mambo-ideas-for-living-room-furniture

CROIX I by Mambo 

living room-furniture-armchairs-burgundy-design-upholstery-soft-arena-porada

Arena of Porada

Living room-armchairs-wooden armrests-yellow-green-Kustom-Sofa-Bark-Furniture

Kustom from Bark Furniture

Armchair-with-legs-red-upholstered-Margaret-Munna-living room-furniture-modern

Margaret of Munna