20 decorative cushion covers that provide variety and fun

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Pillows are an effective element of interior decoration not only in the bedroom, but also in the living room or children’s room. Decorative pillow cases in different sizes are ideal to provide variety. Would you like to make your living room or bedroom more playful and create a very special atmosphere? Then take a look at our suggestions!

Decorative cushion covers – a special treat for the eyes


With the right cushion cover, the desired atmosphere can be achieved in a room – whether modern, with a vintage flair or rural-romantic. Cushion covers are practical, pretty and help you to make yourself comfortable and to put rooms in a positive mood. Decorating with cushion covers will save you money and time!

Since a cushion cover is easy to wash, it is highly recommended for decoration for hygienic reasons. So you can easily keep your own living area fresh and clean and at the same time protect the covered pillow from stains, cracks or bacteria.

Decorative cushion covers, embroidered with shell patterns


You can choose decorative cushion covers in various excellent and easy-care fabrics: silk, satin, linen, breathable cotton, trendy faux fur. Particularly soft fabrics not only look great, they also feel wonderful.

Cushion covers come in a fascinating variety of patterns. From geometric patterns to oriental-looking designs give your living space a very special charm. The numerous, appealing designs and colors simply leave nothing to be desired. If you combine the cushion covers with a matching wool blanket or plaid, you get a harmonious interior design that is easy on the eye.

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Ruched cushion covers in a shiny velvet look

decorative-cushion-covers-gathered-ivory-light gray-aquamarine-blue-ivory

Decorative cushion covers enhance your upholstered furniture


Trendy accessories for living spaces

decorative-cushion-covers-geometric-motifs-black-light blue-yellow-white-ground-Northern-Sun

Cushion covers in friendly colors conjure up a summer mood

decorative-cushion-covers-geometric-design-slate-living room decoration

Hand-woven cushion covers to feel good

decorative-cushion cover-hand-woven-zigzag-pattern-Horseradish

Cushion covers add fresh accents to your sofas in the living room


Summer freshness in the bedroom


Refined patchwork look


An attractive eye-catcher


Cushion covers for a magical living atmosphere

Sofa-decorative-cushion-covers-embroidered-snow leopard-animal motif



Animal motifs-decorative-cushion cover-dog-home accessories-whippet

decorative-pillow-covers-Valentine's Day-gift ideas-lettering-embroidered

home decor-decorative-pillow-cases-pom-pom-tassels-Pale-Harbor


Deco-sofa-embroidery wool-embroidery-cushion covers-modern-platinum