18 unusual crockery and bookcase designs by Boca do Lobo

Stylized branches pattern Fancy closet forest luxurious designs

The exclusive brand Boca do Lobo has an extensive range of products that leaves nothing to be desired. We offer you the opportunity to take a look at the imaginative box furniture, dresser, Crockery and bookcase designs to throw the company. They have an emotional value and express certain states of the soul.

Crockery and bookcase designs introduce craftsmanship

Limited edition designer bookcase pixel-trendy wall design-Boca do Lobo

The clothes are sensational in their diversity-, Crockery and bookcase designs from Boca do Lobo evoke a sense of luxury and extravagance. Even the most demanding customer is guaranteed to find something for himself in the rich product range. The designer furniture is a product of years of experience, attention to detail and a passion for design. Most of them hover on the border between design and art.

Amazing design furniture from Boca do Lobo

 Crockery books box furniture shelf system drawers modern living room furniture

the Crockery and bookcase designs are inspired by pure passion for aesthetics and handcrafted in Portugal. They are designed with love and bring joy and uniqueness to the interior. The designers of Boca do Lobo give a mixture of tradition and technology. You draw inspiration from nature and its diverse forms and functions for your designs.

Cupboard Guggenheim

Guggenheim cabinets wood front modern design-boca do lobo

The versatile Guggenheim cabinets, handcrafted using traditional methods, are available in 2 finishes, rosewood or rosewood. Ideal for storing glassware, they fit perfectly in the dining room. The Guggenheim cabinet is inspired by the Guggenheim Museum.

Designer cupboard in a variety of colors

Cupboard silhouettes-cupboard colorful design-Palatino boca do lobo-colors

Elegant cabinet Palatino complements various furnishing styles. It was handmade from mahogany and glass and is suitable for the living room, foyer or entrance hall.

Luxurious cabinet on feet tower

Bookcase designer furniture black tower modern furniture-handmade

Large books can be stored in the Tower bookcase. The cabinet is luxurious and decorative handcrafted from mahogany wood and smoked glass.

Handcrafted cabinet Manuel

Cabinet cup cabinet designer d manuel-modern copper-coated front door

Manuel is handcrafted with 3 drawers and a shelf and is available in a high-gloss finish.

Spacious cabinet design 

Sideboard modern design soho drawers multicolored door legs

Victoria – an exquisite design piece

Handmade cabinet black elegant chest of drawers design victoria baroque legs

Designer cabinet resembles a safe-coated in highly polished brass, dipped in gold

Luxurious furniture Boca do Lobo cabinet-safe box-gold optics-millionaire handmade

Pixes, put together from two separate parts, is a highlight

Cabinet pixel artistic character drawers modern fronts

A luxurious cabinet furniture

Handcrafted Furniture Handpainted Ornate Ceramic Tile Front Paneling

Cabinet design Boca do Lobo-exquisite pieces of furniture wood

Furniture design branches tree nature-inspired Forest Cabinet red-black pattern

Design cabinet guggenheim Museum Inspired bookcase texture glassware storage

Bookcase design scale-like front high quality finish-Boca do Lobo

Dresser cupboard apartment highlight cabinet design Boca do Lobo-handcrafted

Furniture luxury design Boca do Lobo Piccadilly green golden pixel green cabinet

Crockery cabinet-showcase furniture-cupboard glassware storage palace french style

Crockery cupboard Cup cupboard black high gloss On feet, mondrian metal handles