10 amazingly clever furniture ideas for your pet too


For millions of pet owners, it’s time to stop being selfish about your furniture. Your furniture ideas should be designed for everyone, not just the people in your home. That is the theory behind the sofa with a cat tunnel – a couch designed for you and your cat. Designer Seungji Mun actually built this sofa from the ground up, with a large pipe for the tunnel and foam for the pillows.

Use and pleasure with furniture ideas for your pet too

Furniture-ideas-pet-rocking-chair-integrated-kennel-Paul Kweton

Your pet is usually lying under your chair or a table near you anyway. So why not design a chair that is for both of you? The “Rocking-2-gether Chair” by Paul Kweton is a hybrid of a rocking chair and an integrated dog house or cat cave. The chair is made of birch plywood and has a small shelf underneath for your dog or cat (or other pet?) So that they can sit with you.

NB: not recommended for dogs with long tails

innovative furniture ideas for your pet too


This multifunctional device can be used as a coffee table or bedside table, while also creating a discreet sleeping area for your dog or cat.

Celebrity Chad Rogers has this amazing sofa with stairs to make the life of Starla, his Chihuahua, easier.


Artisan Kitchens designs kitchen furniture with built-in food containers to keep things tidy. Everyone is invited to the table.


I think this is one of the most ideal furniture ideas, a dream for every cat. Why do people always think that furniture has to be for things? Why don’t they understand that we cats need a place to see everything that is going on in a room? These good places are always filled with books, clothes and other things. You must have furniture for cats too.


This table was created by the American designer Emily Wettstein. The walnut and steel structure has a removable planter in the center of the table where special cat grass has been planted.


In the living room of Toru Hirose in Kobe, Japan, his Basset Hound, Marco, has a hidden snack bar, toilet and place to sleep.

Furniture ideas pet Toru Hirose living room

Jardin Chic shows that animal-friendly furniture can also be “chic”. Take a look at these two function planters. They serve as green areas as well as beds for cats, dogs or birds.

Furniture ideas pet planters

From catwalks to cat tunnels and lots of other furniture ideas for cats than you can imagine. Bob Walker and Frances Mooney have dedicated their homes to cats with amenities such as sleeping places, toys and scratching objects.


Furniture Idea Pet Cat House