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76 ideas for pallet furniture or what you can build from euro pallets

Ideas for pallet furniture, coffee table-living room-tabletop-glass

We have already found that Euro pallets are very robust, versatile and inexpensive. That is why the pallet furniture is a hit worldwide and popular with everyone who wants to follow the upcycling trend. Almost anything can be conjured up from pallets! Dining and coffee tables, beds, bookshelves and wine racks, lounge garden furniture can be made in one weekend. Even larger projects such as a children’s playhouse or garden fence are no problem. Now that we’ve presented you with numerous collections, we’re giving you another 76 Ideas for pallet furniture, the people assembled from Euro pallets themselves.

Ideas for pallet furniture on the balcony

Ideas for pallet furniture balcony-bench-pink-lacquered-planter

The Euro pallets are very stable and manufactured according to a clearly defined location. They are very diverse and have a simple design, which is another advantage. Because you only need to cut a few slats and not deconstruct the whole range to build a bed, lounger, sofa or coffee table. In the simplest case, the pallet is processed, sanded and painted with any color. Then put a mattress and seat cushion on it and the ideas for pallet furniture are ready. The homemade pallet furniture is suitable for indoors and outdoors, but is particularly popular in the garden and on the balcony. Check out these great ideas for furniture made from Euro pallets and you would be sure to find something cool for you.

Palette coffee table for every furnishing style

Ideas for pallet furniture, coffee table castors, country style

Here you can see a simple variant for a coffee table. The pallet was first painted in blue and then equipped with four wheels. In this way, the table can be rearranged as desired. If you are bothered by the gaps between the boards, you can also use a glass plate as a surface, as in our cover picture.

Ideas for creative use of wooden Euro pallets in the garden

Build pallet furniture yourself: 60 ideas for living with used Euro pallets

Build a balcony sofa: tips and DIY ideas for a sofa from pallets

Make optimal use of vertical space – mount flower pots on a pallet and attach them to the wall


If you are still looking for an original wall decoration with which you can spice up the bare wall, this idea with a pallet is definitely worth considering. A small size is sufficient, but of course you decide. On the individual boards, pots are then attached here and there, in which you can place any plants to create a vertical garden for indoor use.

Great ideas for pallet furniture in the garden


But ideas for pallet furniture also prove to be very practical in the garden and outdoors in general. We have already shown that you can build a table. But would you have come up with the idea of ​​hanging up a pallet for this purpose and thus doing without table legs? Really clever, isn’t it? For the outside area, this is a really upbeat idea that creates a relaxed atmosphere.

Corner sofa with armrests made from pallets

furniture outside terrace building euro pallets yourself roll a table

A whole furniture set is another variant for outdoors that can also save you money. Because a whole corner sofa including a coffee table and why not some armchairs can be built from this material. You can change the height of the table by simply stacking several pallets on top of each other. Screw them together so that they don’t slip and possibly injure someone. The higher you make the table, the heavier it will of course be. So bikes should be considered.

Build a garden sofa for several people 

terrace set up ideas for pallet furniture several people sofa

As already indicated, the seating group can consist of different types of furniture. Combine the couch with benches and chairs made of wood. You can also make these yourself by simply using the boards to build. The wood should then be sanded nice and smooth so that you do not pull in splinters or tear textiles.

a large children’s playhouse made from pallets

children play house building euro pallets two levels of stimulation

If you have a playroom in your house or if you have enough space for a play area of ​​this kind in your child’s room, you can also use various ideas for pallet furniture to build it. One of them is this original construction. It consists of a loft bed, a sofa that can be converted into a bed, a ladder and a hiding place behind the sofa. It is the perfect furnishing idea for our little one’s room and undoubtedly arouses their thirst for adventure!

perfect for use in the garden

Ideas for pallet furniture oriental building euro pallet terrace

The panels can also be used as a substrate in the garden. So if you don’t have a solid floor covering yet, just set up a few pallets. With the help of sand, you can also temporarily level an uneven surface. The idea is suitable both as a permanent and a temporary solution for outdoor use.

… or in the living room

ideas pallet furniture wood sofa table building euro pallets

Here you can see an idea for a coffee table with table legs. This is just as easy to manufacture as the stacked one, provided you have ready-made table legs. A high coffee table is particularly useful when it is not only used as a storage space, but also for eating. Paint the pallets or leave them in their natural color.

2-seater sofa made from Euro pallets

ideas euro pallets patio furniture robust sofa table

This 2-seater sofa was combined with an interesting coffee table and a wall decoration made of wooden boards. Each of these elements has a different wood color. Nevertheless, they harmonize well with each other. The seat was raised with the help of two pallet parts that stand upright. This is also a variant to create an individual height of the seat.

Coffee table with plants

euro pallets patio furniture sofa table with plants

What do you think of this original coffee table? The boards were used from pallets, with some places left free to be able to plant plants in them. In combination with the sofa, whereby a shabby style was chosen for both, a harmonious furniture set is created from ideas for pallet furniture for the terrace. And the floor also adapts to the furnishings.

small sofa for the reading corner

euro pallets sofa reading corner wood shelf books

free-standing shelf for bottles

Euro pallets shelves wine bottles ideas free-standing

Coffee table with castors and bottle rack

living room table wood euro pallets built roll wall shelf bottles

Process, sand and paint pallets

flat white minimalistic euro pallets living area dining table

white pallet bed

pallet bed ideas bedroom shabby chic storage basket

Attach the flat screen television to a pallet wall – cables are hidden behind it

wall decoration wood euro pallets building ideas orange wall paint

Children’s beds made from wooden pallets

Build a pallet bed yourself, three children painted white

vertical garden

vertical garden flowers strawberries build wooden pallets

Outdoor kitchen with lots of storage space made from pallets

terrace outdoor kitchen buffet euro pallets built paint yellow

patio furniture euro pallets sofa table sun protection awning

furniture pallet ideas painting colorful balcony furniture petunias dining table lounge sofa

patio design pallet ideas pink floor sun lounger armchair

terrace design furniture sofa wood awning decoration cushions

sofa pallets white paint seat cushions garden pool

swing garden pallet ideas painted white

pallet sofa seat cushions lounge area garden

Ideas for pallet furniture paint white seat cushions outside furniture

pallet furniture terrace seating area lounge chair build

pallet wood furniture ideas garden seat cushions build yourself

pallet furniture garden terrace balcony sofa side table seat cushion

pallet furniture garden ideas planting flowers vertically

building pallet furniture tables bar painting euro pallets in colors

pallet furniture build dining table corner sofa vintage poster wall

euro pallets furniture ideas outdoor terrace white greenery

euro pallets furniture ideas read sitting area street

Euro pallets garden fence wood build privacy screen

dining table terrace twelve people build euro pallets

dining table pallet ideas build patio furniture yourself

Ideas for pallet furniture patio seating area sofa table building euro pallets

pallet furniture terrace wood wall pots hanging armchair

pallets ideas garden suggestions building raised beds planting

living room table pallet rolls painted white

wall shelves wood build yourself euro pallet books

urban garden balcony ideas roof garden raised bed wooden pallets

covered terrace furniture wood euro pallets build

patio furniture lounge euro pallets armchair idea

patio furniture stools tables pallets orange seat cushions

Ideas for pallet furniture-terrace euro-pallets wood varnish robust outside

terrace balcony sofa euro pallet ideas for pallet furniture

terrace balcony furniture euro pallets-build seat cushions

outdoor seating balcony terrace sofa robust wood

pallet table roll black font decorate terrace

pallet table glass top shelves below terrace

Ideas for pallet furniture outdoor area euro pallet armchair table

pallet furniture-white lacquered armchair side table euro-pallet build

building pallet furniture-terrace ideas-painting euro-pallets white

pallet furniture-sofa wood euro pallets build cushions seating comfort

Ideas for pallet furniture-inside outside living room table glass top

pallet furniture ideas wall shelf glasses cups kitchen

pallet furniture ideas paint sofa white-use euro pallets

pallet furniture ideas bed hanging vintage apartment furnishings

pallet furniture-wood wall shelf decorative items ideas-euro pallets

pallet furniture-garden terrace armchair table

Ideas for pallet furniture-euro pallets build sofa wall clock dresser

Ideas for pallet furniture build suggestions kitchen balcony living room

pallet furniture outside ideas seating corner building euro pallets

pallet ideas patio furniture building euro pallets sofa

pallet ideas orchid candles shelf decoration

pallet ideas furniture wood build table wall shelf deco

pallet ideas ceiling light recessed pots suspended

outdoor furniture ideas to build pallets tables

reading corner armchair shelf magazines euro pallet-yellow paint

ideas-pallet furniture living room table rolls build wooden euro-pallets

ideas pallets bathroom vanity cabinet stairs

garden lounge furniture build yourself-euro pallets

garden lounger euro pallets build parasol dog

garden tools accessories store ideas store pallets

euro-pallet kitchens countertop build shelves idea

pallet furniture-build ideas table wall shelf magazines