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This amazing hanging bed will gently lull you to sleep

Innovative design by John Huff

the beautiful hanging bed

Something completely different, a super innovative bed design that is ideal for both adults and children. This fabulous piece of furniture presents a beautiful one Hanging bed by John Huff. Instead of standing on the floor, this beautiful piece of furniture is suspended from the ceiling. The design of the floating Hanging bed presents a fantastic aesthetic, but even more than that. According to John Huff (when interviewed on You Tube), it’s also very good for your health.

The amazing hanging bed – large and comfortable

the beautiful hanging bed in the bedroom

Maybe being rocked gently to sleep is a fancy idea, but that’s exactly why the amazing Hanging bed was designed. Its delightful conical shape looks like a small tent or hanging capsule that can be decorated in many exciting ways. The bed is extremely comfortable with an adjustable round mattress to provide optimal support for many shapes and people. The gently rocking movement of the Hanging bedAs well as being calming, t’s appears to be good for your blood circulation. So this suggests that you may be able to improve your overall health while you sleep.

The curtains can be changed easily

beautiful hanging bed with red curtains

Back to the fantastic appearance des hanging bedAs can be seen from this beautiful gallery, the same bed can be dressed in a multitude of ways to suit all tastes. You can easily change the curtains because they slide open over the base bed frame. In this way, the bed can be left in its simple but beautiful plain state, or it can be styled to suit a specific interior design scheme.

ideal for relaxation in the fresh air

Hanging bed for relaxation on the veranda

D.he amazing hanging bed can be hung from a sturdy ceiling in the bedroom or on a frame outside – on a patio or covered area. Imagine relaxing in the fresh air, with curtains to protect you from too much sun and nasty stinging insects, while you are comfortably lulled into a blissful nap. This is definitely a step up from the simple hammock.

by Jaz

The beautiful hanging bed stands perfectly in the garden …

the beautiful hanging bed in the garden

in the tent…

the beautiful hanging bed in the tent

at the beach…

the beautiful hanging bed on the beach

on the terrace…

beautiful hanging bed ideal for outdoors

or in the bedroom

beautiful hanging bed - orange design scheme