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Outdoor lounge furniture ideas for a luxurious “Al Fresco” experience

Lounge furniture design - Kirv armchair

Once upon a time the notion of luxurious outdoor living was to spread a picnic blanket on the lawn, relax on a lounge chair, or really be indulgent and sunbathe on a folding sun lounger. So what has changed? Now regarding our requests for fresh air, nothing. It’s just that today more and more people want to enjoy the “Al Fresco” experience as much as possible. For the uninitiated, this article introduces the concept of “Outdoor Lounge”. This sensational offer Outdoor lounge furniture Ideas would have been inconceivable for most people 50 years ago, but the increasing popularity of outdoor areas has motivated many designers to come up with their own imaginative  Outdoor lounge furniture ideas to get close.

Outdoor furniture from PFEIFFER

Lounge furniture from PFEIFFER

the Outdoor lounge furniture The idea arises from the desire to create as much comfort outside as inside our homes. The available furniture collection has expanded so that we can create complete equipment in the fresh air, on balconies, terraces or covered areas. Since every outdoor facility is at least semi-permanent outdoors, the Outdoor lounge furniture idea Be made of materials that are practically able to withstand the elements. Either this or protective covers must be incorporated into the design to keep furniture safe from damp weather.

Garden deck chairs by Pia Cavalli

Garden lounge chairs by IPE Cavalli

Many modern materials have been adapted for outdoor use, synthetic rattan and cane are always popular with designers. Furniture with seats made of waterproof fabric or easily removable is a very comfortable and luxurious option. Wood furniture is sturdy, durable and traditional, can also be enlivened with attractive and colorful soft accessories, great for change when you feel the need for quick and easy style. To your Outdoor lounge furniture idea to define, you may be able to incorporate temporary screen walls for structure and privacy. This could easily be achieved with regular garden trellis or fencing materials. Of course, a more permanent type of gazebo might be a desirable choice, but be careful not to get too closed or you will reject the property from outdoor living.

Lounge deck chairs from EGO Paris

Lounge deck chair from EGO Paris

Stylish, traditional, sculptural, minimalist, baroque, funky – there are Outdoor furniture for every taste. Many of these designs can be imitated and customized to suit your budget. Be full of ideas, be brave in creating your own exciting outdoor lounge design. Make something that suits your lifestyle and tastes.

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Outdoor sofa bed – Kenneth Cobonpue Design

Outdoor furniture sofa bed by KENNETH COBONPUE

Lounge bed design – Cane Line

  Outdoor bed - Cane Line

Outdoor furniture idea – flexible sun canopy

Outdoor design idea - flexible sun canopy

Outdoor design ideas -adjustable sun canopy

Outdoor furniture collection – design by MYYOUR

  Outdoor furniture from MYYOUROutdoor furniture design by MYYOUR - detail

Outdoor lounge furniture from MYYOUR in white

Outdoor furniture design by MYYOUR - white