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The wooden rustic sofa by Riva from Italy

modern furniture from Italy

What an interesting and extraordinary combination. This “Utah” sofa presents a modern and creative use of recycling technology. This very contemporary, wooden one, rustic sofa impresses not only with its aesthetics, but also with its history. The wooden elements of this sofa are actually recycled lumber from the lagoons in Venice.

The modern rustic sofa by Riva from Italy

modern brown leather sofa

Called briccole, these timber boards are used as a marker through the lagoons. The Briccolen must be replaced with new ones every 10 years. The old timber looks unique and sculptural due to the long time in the water – a work of art of nature. The wood is processed and then combined with leather – this is how the modern wooden one is created rustic sofa.

A rustic sofa made from recycled wood

innovative furniture - sofa

The mix between old and new material looks exciting and elegant. Usually a rustic sofa does not fit into every room, but this design can also be easily combined with modern furniture. This is particularly suitable rustic sofa for a minimalist interior design.

The warmth of the leather and the patina of the wood are inviting and cozy. The style is daring, yet gentle, and comfortable. Riva is an Italian company specializing in the production of handmade wooden furniture. Or as the designers themselves explain, “Recycling is important. At this important historical moment, we want to recycle wood, rediscover it and create a design for future generations “

stylish leather sofa