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The quilted white leather sofa from Baxter

white quilted leather sofa

Italian style meets British tradition – this luxurious one quilted white leather sofa is the result. Aptly named “Chester Moon”, the sofa looks comfortable and inviting and is as soft as a feather that you just want to sink into its padded embrace. This style variation in white is incredibly opulent and super stylish. Made from high quality leather and deeply buttoned, this is it quilted white leather sofa not so much an innovation but subtle development of a time-honored traditional piece of furniture. Based on the British classic, the “Chesterfield Sofa”, this modern version is only slightly different from its predecessor. However, the little changes that make this fabulous piece are contemporary. The construction of the sofa is relatively minimalist in its soft geometry. The deep buttons are applied evenly to create a homogeneous surface over the entire sofa. The result is distinctly sculptural and exceptionally stylish, to be honest, we didn’t expect anything less from Italian designers.

“Chester Moon” – Baxter’s quilted white leather sofa

white leather quilted sofa

Baxter’s quilted white leather sofa is the perfect place to relax, put your feet up and just dream away. The quilted detail really emphasizes the cozy high quality, which is complemented by the rounded edges and down-to-the-floor upholstery – look, mom, no feet! The “Chester Mond” collection, also combined with an armchair, is an ideal addition to modern, minimalist living spaces and relaxation areas.

Quilted white armchair in addition

white quilted armchair by Baxter

white leather sofa – design by Baxter

quilted leather sofa in white