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70 sofa design ideas: design your rooms with style

Sofa design side table upholstered furniture

Germans love their sofa corner. After the stressful everyday life, the main thing is to allow yourself a little rest. Leafing through your evening paper, immersing yourself in your favorite book or watching a film, you spend all of these moments on your cozy sofa. It is almost unimaginable to have a living room or living room corner without a sofa. That is why it is important to everyone to choose the right piece and invest the money with a clear conscience. Whether leather upholstered sofa bed or corner sofa, it is important to have a good, comfortable couch in order to enjoy happy moments on it. In the following article we offer you a picture gallery from 70 Sofa design Ideas that can help you choose your favorite sofa and its design.

Living room furniture sofa design guide

Violet-carpet-two-part-sofa-oblong-seating area

When you have decided to buy a sofa, the first thing to do is to consider the area in the living room. If you own a house or want to rent a loft in the city, you can buy a two-piece sofa set including ottoman and pillows. There are also corner sofas that connect to dining room areas for apartments and furnish practical corners. The next step in Sofa design You can choose whether you prefer upholstery or leather. Both variants are advantageous, only for families with children you have to give the upholstered furniture a special ache, as it can get stains very quickly. But there are blankets for everyday use in the meantime during the children’s growth phase.

High-rise apartment sofa design


Cozy living room area mostly consists of a comfortable sofa, large and modern. Sofa design For a spacious room, such as a loft or maisonette, a sofa bed is the perfect match. Upholstered furniture in gray, in dark blue or dark brown tones, as well as the creamy white or eggshell colors are preferred nowadays. Sometimes playful color variations are also an option.

Modern leather sofa in light tones


Chiaroscuro as setupsealing principle

Bookshelf-living room-dark-couch

Cozy reading and lounging area

Floor lamp-light-curtains-sofa design


dark-floor lamp-carpet-sofa-dark brown


Loft sofa corner living room area


Laptop sofa upholstered furniture living room furnishings

Lake house sofa design window


Light-daylight-in-the-apartment leather sofa

Picture frame-living room-furniture-upholstered furniture-sofa


playful-colors-dark-sofa-light-walls-sunlight-furniture-living room





Wall lighting-sofa-design-furniture-cushions-light-carpet

Table lamp-carpet-wall decoration-square-window-sofa corner-loft

Two-part sofas and couches

Floor lamp-curtain-transparent-carpet-in-the-shape-of-a-flower-light-sofa

dark-bookshelf-floor lamp-two-part sofa

light-dark-leather sofa-sunlight

two-piece-sofa-set-light-dark-colors-living room

Floor lamp-painting-brown-carpet-two-piece-sofa-set

Sofa area-bright-large-window-carpeting

Floor lamp-wall shelf-low-sofa-two-part-light

Upholstered stool-sofa-design-coffee table-floor lamp-high

Design-sofa-floor lamp-trees-landscape

Carpet-light-dark-sofa-white-dark-color choice



transparent-curtains-white-walls-purple-tones-sofa area

dark carpet coffee table

Carpet-in-two-color-design-sofa-leather furniture

dark-furnishings-light-walls-upholstered furniture



Living room-furniture-next-window-curtains-organza

Sofa combined with armchairs or chairs, dark-light color choice

two-tone upholstered furniture-floor lamp-wall decoration

Wall decoration-back of the head-woman-bookshelf-dark-sofa




Wooden parquet floor-white-sofa-dark-carpet

Coffee table-on-two-level-glass-table-carpet-glossy floor-sofa-marine-green

Loft apartment-daylight-coffee table-moder-carpet


A rather smaller sofa

Braun coffee table pendant light

dark-shell-window-interior shutters


Cushions-on-the-floor-two-tone-carpet-curtains-glass wall-light-sofa

A sofa for more family members

Coffee table-metal-black-leather sofa

Asymmetrical-table-white-sofa-wooden elements-wall shelf

Lying area-dark-light-color-combination-dark-carpet

Wall shelf-reading lamp-dark-coffee table-carpeting

Sofa area-pillow-floor lamp-transparent-organza-curtains-shawl curtains

Garden-plants-large-sofa-light-caramel tones


Sofa bed with or without a head-backrest

Side table-dark-light-gloss floor-clip-decoration

Coffee table-bookcase-pillow-rug-wood floor-vase

Pouf-side table-daylight-books-sofa area

Floor lamp-light-cream-white-sofa-wall-decoration-dark-wall

gray-sofa-design-armchair-sofa-bed-ottoman-carpeted floor

bright-furniture-bedroom-living room-window view

Sleeping area-floor-lamp-white-curtains-blue-design