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Sleep well and have sweet dreams in a shell bed!


Looking for a really unusual bed for your home? We offer a solution for you, a new piece of furniture from Italy. The unique bed is not only part of a range of bed collections. It’s even more unusual. Its shape is like a shell. Yes, we recommend you in a cozy Shell bed to sleep, you can be a shell pearl. This bed with the shape of a shell can completely transform your bedroom and create a very pleasant atmosphere. Hardly anyone has such furniture that can be focal points in the interior.

luxurious bed like shell with gold design

luxurious clam bed gold design

Still, looking good isn’t the only benefit of this Shell bed. It is also a high technology product. It is equipped with a remote control for easy management of opening and closing. This is a very practical suggestion for your bedroom, especially if you don’t want to clean up the bed in the morning, with just one button on the remote control you can hide the mess on the bed from your eyes. Not only the mermaid Ariel from the children’s stories can be in one Shell bed sleep.

luxurious pink shell bed


Now the mussel bed is a chance for everyone. Feel like a princess of the ocean. If you are intrigued with the sea theme in the interior design, this can be Shell bed Help you to achieve harmony in your interior design.

fairy-tale white bed in the shape of a wr shell


luxurious bedroom with bed shell