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“Dream” – solid wood bed by Ign.Design

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Dreaming is what we often do while lying in bed. Everyone loves to dream. Dreams are inspiring and we hope to reach our goals soon. What can actually be better than a dream that seems to be true. Does that mean beds and dreams are linked? Apparently. Indeed, the beds are the sheets of dreams, aren’t they? But have you ever dreamed of a bed? It sounds weird, but here’s a big modern bed called “Dream”. It’s done by Ign. A design often referred to as a master in fusing modern art with modern furniture. You will see for yourself that this definition cannot go wrong.

Unusual bedside table

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What we see here is a exquisite solid wood bed with a natural bed design. It will by Andy Ehrensperger and also features a simple profile and freestanding frame made from solid wood that looks great next to a wall, in the middle of a room, or elsewhere in your bedroom. The “floating” design does this Solid wood bed unique. Its mattress and frame are placed on a smaller, reinforced base that actually creates the effect of “floating” in mid-air. What comes out is a large bedside table, encircled by the smooth, curved lines of the frame. The board is an ingenious pair of bowls cut from the same wood and has a rounded shape. It is particularly good for bedside reading with a lamp or just a place where you can store personal belongings.

exquisite solid wood bed

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